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Claimed on the Frontier Puts Down Roots on Two Top 100s!


Jane Henry‘s first release with Stormy Night, Claimed on the Frontier, quickly jumped onto the Top 100 lists for Amazon’s Historical Romance and Western Romance categories. Congratulations, Jane! ★★★★★ A. Smarts @ “LOVED IT!” on June 20, 2016 I LOVED THIS BOOK. Usually when I read romances with a dominant hero, I am more intrigued by him than by the heroine. In this ...

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Her Bad Boy Daddy Rides Onto a Top 100


Ava Sinclair‘s newest release, Her Bad Boy Daddy, has made the Top 100 in Amazon’s Two-Hour Romance Short Reads category! Congratulations, Ava! ★★★★★ Nicole H @ “Unbelievable!!!” on June 20, 2016 Carrie was only looking for excitement,what she ended up being was held prisoner and the frightening situation to come. Jake wasn’t looking for trouble, he never expected to save this woman ...

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Claimed on the Frontier by Jane Henry


Pearl has fended for herself since she was orphaned at a young age, but on the night she meets Aaron Stanley her life is thrown into chaos. The handsome pioneer and his brothers are headed west to stake their claim on the frontier, and when an unfortunate turn of events leaves Pearl without a roof over her head it is ...

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The Alpha’s Pet by Loki Renard


When troublemaker Sacha Wallace is banished after plotting against her brother, the alpha of one of England’s oldest packs, she’s deposited in front of the mansion of the powerful Russian alpha Alexei Chernov. Though she is both aroused and intimidated by the dominant wolf’s stern demeanor and formidable presence, Sacha does her best to be as difficult as possible. Alexei ...

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Their Dirty Little Secrets by Shelly Douglas


Kayla Robinson is thrilled when her boyfriend, John Peterman, starts taking charge in the bedroom and spanking her bare bottom when she is naughty, but she worries that the kind of dominance she truly yearns for may be deeper and darker than he realizes. Hoping to help Kayla better understand her submissive desires, John invites another couple—author Max Bowman and ...

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Her Bad Boy Daddy by Ava Sinclair


For twenty-year-old Carrie Lynn Lassiter, an evening at a biker bar was meant to be no more than a defiant walk on the wild side and an act of rebellion against a father who never loved her. But when she catches the eye of the leader of a ruthless outlaw biker gang, she soon finds herself in way over her ...

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Governing His Bride Brings Home a Top 100 Spot


Emily Tilton‘s latest release, Governing His Bride, has grabbed a spot on the Top 100 for Amazon’s Science Fiction Romance category! Congratulations, Emily! ★★★★★ Laurel @ “Fascinating World by Emily Tilton” on June 11, 2016 Oh my goodness! I had to read this highly erotic book in from of a fan. It takes place on a world similar to earth in ...

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Callie’s Daddy Claims a Top 100 Spot


Mary Wehr‘s first release with Stormy Night, Callie’s Daddy, has reached the Top 100 for Amazon’s Two-Hour Romance Short Reads category! Congratulations, Mary! ★★★★★ Marybeth @ “This is a sweet story about a young lady who desperately wants a …” on June 12, 2016 This is a sweet story about a young lady who desperately wants a Daddy. Her parents died when ...

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Mastered by the Highlanders Takes a Top 100 Spot


Katie Douglas‘ new book, Mastered by the Highlanders, has made the Top 100 in Amazon’s Scottish Historical Romance category! Congratulations, Katie!  ★★★★★ Kristen Harbach @ “Great read for an afternoon” on June 12, 2016 I received an arc copy of this book from Stormy night publication in exchange for an honest review. great historical romance for an afternoon read and I look forward to ...

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Governing His Bride by Emily Tilton


After she catches the eye of William Verner at a dance on the colony world of Prosperia, nineteen-year-old Priscilla Auden’s assigned guardian oversees her courtship with him. Though Priscilla is clearly taken with her rich, handsome suitor, when she is caught pleasuring herself after her first kiss her behavior must be addressed. During a thorough, intimate pre-marital examination, it is ...

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