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Conquering the Queen Lays Siege to a Top 100 Spot

Ava Sinclair‘s latest release, Conquering the Queen, is already on Amazon’s Top 100 list for the Medieval Historical Romance category! Congratulations, Ava! ★★★★★ Nicole H. Vela @ “Checkmate!” on September 12, 2016 Lies, treachery, intrigue and betrayal make strange bedfellows. Avin, she is both beautiful and queen has a veiled shielding her from reality. She has been betrayed. Her people believed ...

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Her Stern Gentleman Drops Anchor in a Top 100 Spot

Tabitha Rayne‘s first release with Stormy Night, Her Stern Gentleman, has made the Top 100 for Amazon’s 20th Century Historical Romance category. Congratulations, Tabitha! ★★★★★ Maud Mamaon “All hands to spanking stations!” September 11, 2016 What a treat to read! Elizabeth has a loving husband, James, so why is she so cold? What is missing from her life? On a, literal, voyage of discovery and ...

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Conquering the Queen by Ava Sinclair

When she was still a carefree, lovestruck princess, Avin of Windbourne would have happily surrendered herself to Lord Xander of Ravenscroft, the bold, handsome warrior who was to have been her husband. But now, as a queen defeated in battle and forsaken by her people, Avin is determined to remain defiant even as Xander usurps her throne. Leading a rebellion ...

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Her Stern Gentleman by Tabitha Rayne

Elizabeth McCoy’s husband has always been a perfect gentleman. But as they travel by ship to Canada to start a new life, she cannot help longing for something more, and after a terrible indiscretion on her part during the voyage she finds herself begging him to take her in hand. Recognizing that his wife needs to be sternly punished and ...

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In Loco Parentis by Emily Tilton

By the time eighteen-year-old Heather Bradshaw returns home for the summer after her first year of college, she feels very grown-up indeed. With her parents away for several months, she has the house to herself, and she isn’t going to let their old-fashioned notions of propriety get in the way of a good time if the opportunity presents itself and ...

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The Terranovum Brides Trilogy by Sara Fields

The Terranovum Brides Trilogy contains three best-selling sci-fi romance novels by Sara Fields, which tell the story of the passion, adventure, desire, and danger encountered by three feisty women when three handsome, dominant alien men claim them as their own and bring them to their world as it stands at the brink of war. This trilogy includes the following books: ...

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The Firefighter’s Woman Rescues a Top 100 Spot

Loki Renard‘s newest release, The Firefighter’s Woman, spent some time earlier today on the Top 100 for Amazon’s Contemporary Romance category! Congratulations, Loki! ★★★★★ Laurel @ “Hot Adventure Romance by Loki Renard” on September 4, 2016 Whenever I see a new book by Loki Renard, I have to read it and I’ve never been disappointed. This is a fast paced page ...

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Her Alien Commander Holds a Top 100 Spot

Ashe Barker‘s latest release, Her Alien Commander, has made Amazon’s Top 100 for Science Fiction Romance! Congratulations, Ashe! ★★★★★ KKT @ “A Most Commanding Book!” on September 8, 2016 Normally not a fan of Sci-Fi romance, but Ashe Barker has changed my mind. Her descriptions of far future technology and other worlds are believable and fascinating. And that comes from a ...

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The Firefighter’s Woman by Loki Renard

After a tornado tears through her neighborhood in the middle of the night, twenty-one-year-old Sarah Simmons is determined to gather up her most precious belongings before leaving her badly damaged home. But the huge, handsome firefighter who arrives to rescue her makes it clear that the house could collapse at any moment, and when Sarah refuses to do as she ...

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