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A Gift for the Commander Seizes a #1 Spot

Sara Fields‘ new book, A Gift for the Commander, has grabbed the #1 spot in the Sci-Fi Erotica category on Amazon! Congratulations, Sara! ★★★★★ Kindle Customer David Wilhelmi @ “Great read for scifi buffs.” on July 26, 2016 This was a follow up from A gift for the king and A gift for the doctor. This was a fun read and it was ...

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A Gift for the Commander by Sara Fields

Though Olivia is grateful to be alive after she is rescued from a terrible tyrant and brought to the planet Terranovum, she is none too pleased when she learns that she is to be auctioned as a slave to the highest bidder. But before she can be sold, she must be trained, and the man who will train her is ...

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The Warrior’s Property by Vonna Harper

After Rima’s tribe is defeated in battle by their enemies, she is given to the powerful warrior Karr as a token of her people’s surrender. But Rima is the daughter of a prince, and even when she is brought to Karr’s tent, stripped bare, and made to kneel at his feet, she is far too proud to fully submit to ...

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An Old-Fashioned Homestead Claims Two Top 100 Spots

Katie Douglas‘ new book, An Old-Fashioned Homestead, has made Amazon’s Top 100 lists for Western Romance and Two-Hour Romance Short Reads!  Congratulations, Katie! ★★★★★ Stats23 @ “Hot Homestead Discipline” on July 19, 2016 The newest book from Katie Douglas is a sweet short tale of a young English grad school student (Isabel) taking a between terms job as a nanny in ...

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Tucker’s Justice Locks Up Two Top 100 Spots

Maggie Carpenter‘s latest release, Tucker’s Justice, has galloped onto the Top 100 lists for Amazon’s Western Romance and Action and Adventure Romance categories! Congratulations, Maggie!  ★★★★★ Nicole H. Vela @ “Gunsmoke meets Walker Texas Ranger!” on July 17, 2016 Tucker Prescott is a no nonsense lawman… order needs to be restored and nothing will get in his way! Not even the willful, impetuous ...

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The Alien’s Captive Carries Off a Top 100 Spot

Ava Sinclair‘s latest release, The Alien’s Captive, has reached Amazon’s Top 100 for Science Fiction Romance. Congratulations, Ava! ★★★★★ Nicole H. Vela @ “Out of this world!!” on July 18, 2016 General Bron, needed to bolster his position and he decides he needs a slave, but not your average slave . Defiant, willful and beguiling that was the best way to describe Phaedra. Everything ...

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An Old-Fashioned Homestead by Katie Douglas

When twenty-four-year-old British grad student Isabel Sutton takes a summer job as a nanny at former soldier Nate Byrne’s homestead in rural California, she soon discovers that her new boss is a very traditional man. He believes in strict discipline, and after negligence on her part puts his family in danger she quickly finds herself over his knee for a ...

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Tucker’s Justice by Maggie Carpenter

When hardened gunslinger Tucker Prescott is tasked with bringing law and order back to a town overrun by a gang of criminals, he quickly realizes that his biggest challenge won’t be the villainous McGill brothers. The one who will truly put him to the test is Dolly Baker, the beautiful, feisty twenty-two-year-old daughter of the man who hired him. From ...

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The Alien’s Captive by Ava Sinclair

General Augustus Bron, Commander of the Traoian Iron Guard, has never approved of the practice of capturing human women and training them to serve the rich and powerful of his world. He knows, however, that success in politics is all but impossible without the social status granted by ownership of a human pet, and with his planet in desperate need ...

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