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Doctor’s Orders by Jaye Elise

Despite a recent breakup which left her feeling more insecure about herself than ever, Janie Michaels decides to throw caution to the winds after meeting Rafe Elliott. The tall, handsome millionaire’s warmth and kindness help her open up to him, but it is his readiness to take charge in the bedroom in a very specific, very embarrassing way that really ...

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Tamed by the Aliens by Rose St. Andrews

When Geena and her best friend Mioshi are sent on a mission to rescue a Deep Space Corps pilot who vanished after making first contact with an alien species, they have no idea what to expect. Upon reaching the planet of Dagga, Geena and Mioshi quickly realize that the culture of the local inhabitants has been heavily influenced by kinky ...

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An Old-Fashioned Marriage by Ashlynn Ally

After twenty-two-year-old Alysa Clark-Fitzgerald moves into her family’s old vacation home, she is shocked to discover a mysterious portal to the past hidden in the attic. When Alysa meets Annalyse Johnson, a gravely ill young woman from the year 1955 who happens to be not only her distant relative but also all but identical in appearance, the two women decide ...

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Claiming His Mate by Claire Conrad

Though Octavia is enthralled by Prince Markus of Delti the moment she sets eyes on him, she is shocked when the huge, handsome warrior takes her captive and informs her that she is his fated mate, bound irrevocably to him for the rest of their lives. Markus quickly makes it clear that he will demand obedience and submission from his ...

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Sternly Chastised Deals Firmly with Two Top 100 Spots

Morganna Williams‘ latest release, Sternly Chastised, is currently sitting pretty in the Top 100 for Amazon’s BDSM Erotica category and it spent some time last week in the Top 100 for Romantic Erotica as well! Congratulations Morganna! ★★★★★ Dyane @ “25 fantastic short stories” on April 29, 2017 I could not put this book down! Morganna Williams is one of my ...

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The Correctional Program Downloads a Top 100 Spot

Emily Tilton’s new book, The Correctional Program, has made the Top 100 for Amazon’s Sci-Fi Romance category! Congratulations Emily! ★★★★★ tina.jones20 @ “Interesting premise” on April 26, 2017 What an interesting premise for a story. The story line flowed very smoothly, the characters were very interesting as was the situations she found herself in. A very good read. ★★★★★ Renee ...

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His Caged Kitty Collars a Top 100 Spot

Alta Hensley‘s first release with Stormy Night, His Caged Kitty, has reached the Top 100 of Amazon’s Sci-Fi Romance category! Congratulations Alta!   ★★★★★ SH @ “HOT, need I say more?” on April 21, 2017 Another smoking HOT read from this author. I’m not going to give you a synopsis of the book, you can read it for yourself. But I will say ...

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Their Naughty Human Makes Off With Two Top 100 Spots

Korey Mae Johnson’s latest release, Their Naughty Human, has taken Top 100 spots in Amazon’s Science Fiction Romance and Two-Hour Romance Short Reads categories! Congratulations Korey! ★★★★★ Steph @ “Great short read!” on April 18, 2017 Chloe is a strong woman with a love for cooking. She isn’t looking for troubles, but somehow it always finds her. She was at the wrong ...

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The Correctional Program by Emily Tilton

When her defiant behavior gets her in trouble with the law one too many times, nineteen-year-old Melanie Smith is sentenced to an experimental program for young women in need of particularly stern, humiliating forms of correction. Before she knows it, Melanie finds herself connected to a computer network and then waking up in a virtual world which feels as real ...

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Sternly Chastised by Morganna Williams

This collection includes twenty-five short stories, all of which feature stern, sexy men who are more than ready to deal firmly with a woman when she has been naughty. A long, hard spanking on the bare bottom will sometimes be sufficient to teach the appropriate lesson, but in some cases much more intimate, shameful punishments will be required. Author: Morganna Williams ...

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