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Sentenced to a Punishment Examination by Carole Archer

Megan Miller is out celebrating the completion of her college exams when a drunken dare ends with her throwing eggs at the campus doctor’s windows. Delinquent behavior is not tolerated by the strict government of late twenty-first century England, and when her misdeed is discovered she is given the chance to avoid a trip to the punishment clinic and a ...

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Her Celtic Captor Carries Off a Top 10 Spot

Ashe Barker’s new book, Her Celtic Captor, has reached the Top 10 in the Viking Historical Romance category on Amazon, and it has made the Top 100 in Scottish Historical Romance as well! Congratulations, Ashe! ★★★★★ Annabelle @ “Truly Satisfying Read” on August 15, 2017 From the moment I closed my Kindle on Ashe Barker’s Her Dark Viking, I eagerly awaited the ...

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His to Ride Mounts a Top 50 Spot

Ava Sinclair‘s new book, His to Ride, reached the Top 50 in the Western Romance category on Amazon earlier today! Congratulations, Ava! ★★★★★ Poppy @ “Super read” on August 15, 2017 I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.I just loved this book kept me guessing all the way through just did not ...

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Their Defiant Human Claims a Top 10 Spot

Their Defiant Human, the first book in Ivy Barrett‘s Captives of Stilox series, is currently on sale for $0.99 and it spent some time yesterday in the Top 10 for the Science Fiction Romance category on Amazon. It also reached the Top 50 overall on Barnes and Noble and the Top 20 in Romance on Kobo. Congratulations, Ivy!

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Her Celtic Captor by Ashe Barker

As the sister of a powerful Viking chief, Brynhild Freysson is used to giving orders and having them obeyed, which makes it all the more difficult to accept when she suddenly finds herself at the mercy of a Celtic warrior intent on bringing her back to his village whether she likes it or not. Taranc was a leader of his ...

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His to Ride by Ava Sinclair

Cole Patterson is a champion bronc rider, but I know damn well he isn’t back in town just to show off in our local rodeo. He didn’t come to ride horses. He came to ride me. Again Under some other circumstances, Cole and I might have been together. But we come from different worlds, and it doesn’t help matters that ...

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The Daddy She Needed by Shelly Douglas

When Jillian Rae Walsh finally meets fellow author Joseph McDormand after flirting online for months, she has no choice but to admit that she has been lying to him about her age and life experiences. Rather than the divorced, early-middle-aged woman she had pretended to be in the hopes that readers would take her more seriously, she is actually twenty-two ...

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In His Custody by Morganna Williams and Jack Crosby

Though she has been spending more and more time indulging her fantasies on the internet, erotic romance novelist Mona Hyatt has never been over a dominant man’s knee for a spanking in real life, but everything changes the day she meets Leo Jackson. Leo is an experienced FBI special agent, and when he uncovers evidence that a serial killer may ...

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Reformed by the Scotsman Keeps Two Top 100 Spots in Line

Katie Douglas’ new book, Reformed by the Scotsman, has reached the Top 100 in both the 20th Century Historical Romance and Scottish Historical Romance categories on Amazon! Congratulations, Katie! ★★★★★ Avid Reader @ ” Scotland, Roaring 20s, and Spanking…What’s Not to Like?” on August 8, 2017 This is one of my favorite time periods to escape to…and in one of my favorite ...

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Reformed by the Scotsman by Katie Douglas

When her scandalous behavior finally forces her wealthy parents to take drastic action, twenty-two-year-old Adeline Hawthorne is sent to Edinburgh to live in the home of her father’s friend Edward Wolstanton. The stern Scotsman is tasked with correcting the recalcitrant young lady by any means necessary, and it isn’t long before Adeline is taken over Edward’s knee for a painful, ...

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