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Gideon’s Redemption by Maddie Taylor

Shannon Hughes’ worst nightmare comes true when her rock star boyfriend, Gideon Eli, appears to be cheating on her. Upon learning that she is pregnant with Gideon’s baby, she hopes to salvage a friendship, but those hopes are quickly dashed after she receives from Gideon’s manager a check for $25,000 and a note telling her to move on and leave ...

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Eliza Smith Makes Top 100!

Congratulations to Jane Fairweather! Today The Education of Eliza Smith is sitting pretty in Amazon UK’s Top 100 for Victorian Romance. We are extremely proud of Jane for her achievement! Click here to read more info & buy! Have you read this book? Please tell us what you think!

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The Education of Eliza Smith by Jane Fairweather

After her father’s untimely passing, the decidedly spoilt eighteen year old Eliza Smith learns that he was deeply in debt and the family farm in Pennsylvania must be sold. Eliza finds herself without an income or the skills to earn one—though she is a truly gifted pianist—and she is forced to find work as a hotel maid in Philadelphia. Not ...

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The Count’s Discipline is ‘Counted’ Among The Top 100!

Emily Tilton‘s first book with Stormy Night, The Count’s Discipline, has made the Top 100 List in Amazon’s Medieval Romance Category! Congratulations to Emily, and we are very proud to have her as an author here at Stormy Night Publications! See what people are already saying about this book! ★★★★★  (_SH) “Great Book!” This is the first book I have ...

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SNP Books Bringing Home The Gold

Stormy Night Publications is pleased to announce that two of our books have won first place in their categories on Spanking Romance Reviews in their first annual review awards. The nominees were chosen from amongst the books which received five-star ratings from their resident reviewers and then voted upon by readers like you! Thanks so much to those of you ...

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Top 100 Spot Is ALSO Claimed By The Beast!

I couldn’t help myself on the word-play, but it’s true! This beast of a smoking-hot story has claimed a spot on Amazon’s Top 100 in Sci-Fi Romance! This is not Natasha Knight‘s first visit to a Top 100 List, and it won’t be the last, but Claimed by the Beast has certainly earned it! It’s impossible to put down, and you’ll think ...

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The Count’s Discipline by Emily Tilton

When Robert de Lourcy’s wife spurns his desire to spank her, the young count contents himself with disciplining other women of the court, until a rash decision to chastise the women of a captured castle arouses the ire of the local bishop and Robert is forced to seek absolution. In an act of penance, he visits a cathedral and stumbles ...

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Pendragon’s Lash by Jordan St. John

Over the course of seven hundred years of isolation since its colonization during the great diaspora at the end of the twenty-first century, civilization on the planet Pendragon has deteriorated to the point that society now resembles that of medieval Europe. The nations have long fought for power, and when the benevolent Star Federation learns of a threat to a ...

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Claiming Sarah by D.W. Collins

After a devastating worldwide epidemic brings a cataclysmic end to life as she knows it, Sarah struggles to find food and shelter in a city run by ruthless warlords. Seeing no other choice, she sets out under the cover of darkness, leaving her home in search of a better life. After a perilous journey she finds her way to Wildwood, ...

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Taken by the Beast On Sale!

To celebrate the release of Natasha Knight’s new book, Claimed by the Beast, we are putting Taken by the Beast on sale for $2.99 until New Year’s! Grab your copy today and get hooked on this deliciously spicy series!

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