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Extended Preview


Taken by the Barbarian by April Vine - Extended Preview

“Touch your pussy, Princess,” he said gruffly before engulfing her nipple.

“Roark,” she moaned, her body joyously heating up at his touch.

“No?” he said, moving his head back to appraise her.

He gave her scant moments to answer before his hand spread over her behind in an outrageous slap. The suddenness caused her knees to quake and she involuntarily lowered herself onto this thigh. He spanked her again, harder so that her whole body shook from the impact.

“Back up onto your knees. Back straight.”

She obeyed him immediately. But the untouched openness between her legs, the searing burn on her behind, and the wetness still on her nipple from his mouth wrecked her. He licked then sucked her nipple again, drawing it out between his teeth then letting go. She quavered and cried and sighed when he sucked her gently again.

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