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Extended Preview


Her Alien Doctors by Sara Fields - Extended Preview

“We’ll start with the plug for your naughty bottom hole,” he narrated as he swiped his finger across the bracelet. The machine shifted her body to a position as though she was on her hands and knees, leaving her poor backside completely defenseless.

“The electrodes will prevent your body from tensing, so relax and accept that I will have command of you,” Eric said, and her eyes widened.

“Oh, my god. Please don’t. Not there!”

He spread her cheeks with one hand and rubbed a cool slippery liquid onto her skin. He pressed his thumb in and out of her tight rim of muscle and she moaned at the sensation. She should be completely ashamed and embarrassed of him touching her in such a naughty place, but her body was saying the complete opposite. She would never admit it, but she wanted more. In and out of her bottom, his fingers guided the slippery liquid all around her skin until his thumb glided inside with ease. Next, he placed a cool object against her tight rosette, which she guessed was the plug he had in his hands.

Her first instinct was to clench and stop the foreign object from entering her, but she had no control over her own muscles. For a moment she panicked, but his warm hand on her lower back allowed her to relax. The plug glided into her, millimeter by aching millimeter, and she whined at the confusing combination of pain, pleasure, and discomfort. When it finally popped fully into her bottom hole, she groaned at the fullness of it.

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