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Extended Preview


The Dragon King's Pet by Loki Renard - Extended Preview

“I think I’m getting up,” she said, pushing up to her feet, only to be pushed back down a second later by a hand stronger than her entire body.

“I think you’re staying there, pet,” Casimer said, his voice dropping to a stern growl. “And I think you’re going to stay there until I tell you otherwise.”

“This is stupid! I’m not a pet!”

“You’re my pet, and right now, you’re a misbehaved one,” he said. “I think, on further reflection, I will have you up…”

He pulled her up, but not to her feet. Instead he propelled her right over his broad thighs and within seconds of settling her over them, began to smack her butt with swift, hard slaps that left a blazing heat searing through her tender behind. Before long, Mika was squealing for him to stop.

He didn’t stop. He slapped her bottom over and over again, making it sore as all hell. Mika thrashed and squirmed, her temper flaring as she tried as hard as she could to escape his punitive grasp. He’d done this the night before, but not as hard. He seemed to be intent on really making his point today, ensuring that she understood she really was going to be his pet, to be punished at his whim.

“You sit when I tell you to sit. You stay when I tell you to stay, and you do as I tell you,” he lectured her. “This is not a game, Mika. This is your life now. I am not one of your permissive men who allows a young woman to do as she pleases. My word is law, and you will follow that law. Do you understand?”

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