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Extended Preview


Reformed by the Scotsman by Katie Douglas - Extended Preview

In a swift movement that made her jump, he moved toward her and pulled her flimsy underclothing off. She squeaked in shock. Bared before him, her pert breasts were crowned by big pink nipples, which turned into hard pebbles before his eyes.

“What do I have to do to get you to behave yourself?” he asked. It was mostly rhetorical at this point, since she was refusing to speak and he already had her punishment planned out.

“Bend over the desk and push your bottom up.” He was expecting her to fight him, but she didn’t. Instead, she looked at him with dead eyes then did as she was told.

He took the tawse out of the drawer where he kept it and held it out for her to see; the stiff leather shone where it had been regularly polished.

“You will receive a hand spanking then twelve of the tawse.”

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Multi-Author Book Giveaway


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