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An extended preview of last weekend's new release can be found below. Additionally, Katie Douglas' wonderful book Captured by the Highlanders is currently on sale for $0.99, so make sure you don't miss out on this great deal.


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His Captive Pet by Measha Stone - Extended Preview

Blake applied more wax, another strip.

“Ready, sweetheart?” He pulled upward on the edge, and her toes curled in the restraints.

“No. Don’t,” she whispered but he had already begun.

She cried out, arching herself and trying to move away as he inch by inch pried the paper from her body, more hair being pulled out from the follicles. The wood of the bed frame creaked as she pulled away from it, trying to tear her arms free of the restraints. The bed had been constructed for just this sort of pressure, but she didn’t know that.

He continued, strip by strip, removing every bit of hair from her pussy. Tears streaked down her face, and her breasts heaved with each new pull of the wax, but he pushed forward. When he got to her labia, he rested his hand against her pussy. With all the struggling and crying, he thought maybe she wasn’t getting wet for him, maybe she just saw it as torture. But her body didn’t lie; he pried apart her lips with his fingers and the glistening there told him everything he needed to know.

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