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You can find an extended preview of last weekend's new release below. Additionally, if you're looking for a great deal, Loki Renard's ridiculously sexy book Shamefully Broken: A Dark Romance is currently on sale for $0.99.


Extended Preview


Two Daddies for Olivia by Isabella Laase - Extended Preview

There was no escaping Gage’s ironclad grasp. The restraint combined with Dan’s exploration of her most erotic nerves to feed an unimaginable ache. Her entire body demanded more; more touching, deeper, harder than his gentle probing that could only highlight her empty, tight need. She feared their punishment, but equally feared that there would be none at all.

Dan leaned toward her swollen pussy with a mysterious grin, but when his tongue tickled her outer slit, spasms of unimaginable pleasure stopped her breathing as her insides turned to jelly. She moaned, a low guttural sound that sounded almost animalistic, even to her.

Gage just laughed, pulling her legs a little further apart. “Stop pressing those thighs together, Olivia. The doctor isn’t done with his exam yet.”

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