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We generally try to avoid sending out midweek newsletters, but it was pointed out to us by several readers that this past weekend's newsletter was missing the section which should have contained the extended previews of our most recent new releases. Thank you to those readers who alerted us to this mistake, and the extended previews are included below.


Extended Previews


Her Doctor in Charge by Maggie Carpenter - Extended Preview

“That’s better. Lower yourself onto your elbows and spread your legs.”

“Must I?” she whimpered.

“Yes, you must,” he said firmly.

As she lowered herself down and wriggled her knees apart, she felt him slide the gown over her upturned buttocks. The thin cotton robe slipped across her back, leaving her utterly exposed. Never had she felt so totally embarrassed, but she couldn’t deny the thrill that was suddenly surging through her body. When he pulled her left cheek aside and pushed home the thermometer, she grit her teeth, suppressing not just a groan, but the desire to beg him to finger her pussy as he performed the lewd medical task.

“Humiliating, isn’t it?” he asked casually.

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Wren's Redemption by Katherine Deane - Extended Preview

“Take that thing off.” He yanked a strap from her shoulder and she complied by tearing off her leotard and jog bra to stand naked in front of him. Her breasts were gorgeous—just the right size for his hands, with perky, rose-colored nipples that peaked in the cool air. He had always been a fan of smaller breasts and how they were sensitive and easy to arouse.

She gasped when he ran the pad of his finger across the pointed tip, twirling and caressing it into an even sharper point.

“Bend over the mat, arms out straight, ass high,” he ordered in a rough voice that almost cracked with his desire.

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Claiming Her Innocence by Ava Sinclair - Extended Preview

“Now,” he said, tipping her up to her feet and supporting her as she teetered from the throbbing pain. “I want you to see what you’ve earned by not being honest with me.”

Alton led her to the mirror and deftly undid her dress. Penelope shuddered as it slid from her body, leaving her in nothing but her corset.

“Bend over and look back,” he said.

She obeyed slowly and cried out at the sight. From the middle of her bottom to the middle of her thighs, her skin was red and splotchy, with distinct handprints in several places. Small bruises were forming in several places. Penelope’s bottom had never hurt so badly.

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Assigned a Daddy by Emily Tilton - Extended Preview

“Lie down and spread your knees nice and wide, sweetheart,” Mike said. He picked up the scissors from the vanity counter.

“Like this, daddy?” Darla asked meekly, lying down and separating her feet.

“Nope. Lift your knees up and take them in your hands. Show me everything.” In Darla’s face, Mike saw the extremity of the embarrassment she felt at assuming the humiliatingly exposed position, in which Mike had his best view yet of her pussy’s sweet pink secrets and the little rose of her anus, still lightly covered by her brown grownup curls.

Not for long.

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