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A Bride for Two Brothers by D.W. Collins

A Bride for Two Brothers by D.W. Collins

Fed up with her abusive boyfriend, Kelsey leaves Chicago on a bus heading west with plans to start over. When a waitress in a small Montana town informs her that a local ranch is in need of a cook, she grabs her chance to begin a new life. Soon, though, she hears the rumors about these particular ranchers, rumors that make her wonder whether Marcus and Quinton Whittington have appetites that involve her but which have nothing to do with her cooking.

When she is less than forthcoming with them about her reasons for leaving Chicago, Kelsey learns that these two firm-handed ranchers are more than ready to take a young lady over their knee for a bare bottom spanking when they feel it necessary. In spite of everything, though, she finds herself becoming more and more attracted to her new employers, even after she learns that the two brothers want not only a woman they can dominate and discipline, but a wife they can share.

Almost before she knows it, Kelsey finds herself standing naked and blushing before two rugged, handsome men, waiting to please them in any way she is told. Though it shames her to her core, she enjoys every moment of it and hungers for them to take her as long and hard and often as they would like.

Publisher’s Note: A Bride for Two Brothers is an erotic novella that includes both consensual and non-consensual spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes including threesomes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: D. W. Collins

Word Count: 28,000

eBook Price: $3.95


“You need to learn to behave,” Quinton said. “Drop your pants before I do it for you.”

She felt betrayed by the very man she hoped would protect her. “To hell with you too,” she screamed. But her protest did no good.

Quinton jammed his thumbs into the sides of her waistband and skinned her jeans down to her ankles. Her cotton panties offered little protection or modesty, and a second later he grabbed them and ripped them off. Kelsey tried to stand, but he grabbed her flailing wrists and pulled them across the table leaving her bent and helpless.

Marcus stepped behind the girl and flexed his belt a time or two. “I want you to count the blows,” he said. “Any spank that you don’t count will be repeated.” He lifted the belt high overhead and cracked the wide leather strap across the widest part of her bared bottom.

She had never felt such burning pain. Marcus struck again before she could think of speaking. The third fiery spank loosened her tongue. “Oh my god, that’s three!”

He striped her again. “I never heard ‘one’ or ‘two’. None of these will count until you get the number right. Start over.” The leather flew again and seared her twitching bottom.

“Please, I’m sorry. One!”

“You can keep counting until I spank again,” Marcus said in an unexpected demonstration of mercy.

“Oh thank you,” she wailed. “Two, three, four, five.”

“Don’t expect any more extra chances,” Marcus growled. He spanked her ten more times as she dutifully counted each blow. Her bottom was fiery red when he paused. “How does your ass feel now?”

“It hurts. I can’t stand any more. Please, please stop.”

“Did you hear that, Quint. She said ‘please.’ It’s amazing how polite a girl with a red butt can be.” He laid his palm on her roasted bottom. “Are you ready to apologize to my brother?”

“Oh yes. I’m sorry for what I said. Please forgive me.”

Quinton stared at her well striped bottom. His eyes wandered up and down her exposed lower body. “I forgive you, but if you run your mouth again, my brother and I will have to give you more.” He ran his tongue across parched lips.

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