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A Cold Hard Collection: Twenty-Five Dark Mafia Romance Short Stories by K.L. Hiers

When a mafia kingpin pays to send you to law school, the real lessons will be taught in his bed. Boss Cold is the kind of man who gets his money’s worth, and Jimmy Poe still has much to learn about all the ways his body can be used and enjoyed. He will spend his nights blushing, begging, and screaming the name of the stern, sexy mob lord to whom every inch of him now belongs.







Publisher’s Note: A Cold Hard Collection is composed of twenty-five scalding hot short stories featuring Jimmy Poe and Boss Cold, the main characters of Cold Hard Cash and Hard Earned Cash. These stories include spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this collection.

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Author: K.L. Hiers

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 45,000 words


Jimmy was barely able to nod before Cold started slamming into him. There was nothing kind about the brutal pace, and Cold kept Jimmy held down tight as he fucked him savagely.

The burn faded and left Jimmy moaning and sobbing in moments. His fingers dug into the sheets, and he had tears in his eyes as Cold pounded his ass without mercy. His head was absolutely swimming, and his cock was leaking and bouncing against his stomach from every rough thrust.

Cold released his throat to slap both hands against Jimmy’s thighs, spreading his legs wide. “You’re not even fit to take my cum,” he raged. “I’m going to bust all over your fucking face like the little brat you are.”

Jimmy whimpered, his head wagging obediently. Yes, he’d been bad. He had to be punished. His cries were hitting an entire symphony of broken octaves, and he wailed as Cold flipped him over on his stomach.

Cold shoved his face against the mattress and sank his thick cock back inside of him without any care, the brutal rhythm starting anew. He twisted his fingers into Jimmy’s hair, leaning over him and hissing in his ear, “Is this what you wanted, Mr. Poe? To anger me so I’d fuck you like a whore?”

“Yes,” Jimmy moaned tearfully, screaming when Cold viciously spanked his ass.

“Yes, what?” Cold shouted angrily.

“Yes, sir!” Jimmy sobbed, yelping as Cold fucked him even harder, his hips certainly leaving bruises from the violent way their bodies were colliding. Relief never came, and he was completely trapped by the ruthless hammering of Cold’s cock.

Cold was being downright cruel, and Jimmy cried pitifully against the sheets as he took it all. He could feel Cold’s rage in the nasty way he fucked him, the mean smacks across his ass, and the thoughtless twist of his fingers through his hair.

Yes, this is what he wanted.

To be used, demeaned, punished.

Jimmy had been bad, he’d made Cold angry, and he had to pay for it. He couldn’t stop crying, the beautiful heat boiling in his body blurring his vision and making his loins ache. He knew Cold was getting close as the slam of his cock became erratic and frenzied.

Jimmy screamed again when Cold spanked his tender ass again with bruising force, bursting into a fresh fit of tears and wailing, “Oh, God…”

“There is no God here,” Cold snarled cruelly. “Only me.”

Jimmy cried, full of shame and bliss from being used so forcefully, his body submitting completely. He moaned desperately when Cold suddenly pulled out.

“Roll over, Mr. Poe. Now.”

“Yes, sir,” Jimmy mumbled, struggling to turn and face Cold. He gasped when his hair was yanked roughly, finding the swollen and leaking head of Cold’s cock right in his face.

He opened his mouth, his lashes fluttering as the first hot spurt of cum hit his cheek. The heat of Cold’s spunk was nothing compared to the blazing flush of his face, the liquid almost refreshing by comparison. He took every splash like a good boy, licking what he could from around his mouth and chin, and peered up at Cold with wide eyes.

Cold’s grip in his hair relaxed, and he bowed down to kiss his forehead. He sighed haggardly, petting over Jimmy’s scalp where he had been so mean. “Are you satisfied now?”

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