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A Gift for the Commander Seizes a #1 Spot

Sara Fields‘ new book, A Gift for the Commander, has grabbed the #1 spot in the Sci-Fi Erotica category on Amazon! Congratulations, Sara!number1_agiftforthecommander

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★★★★★ Kindle Customer David Wilhelmi @ “Great read for scifi buffs.” on July 26, 2016
This was a follow up from A gift for the king and A gift for the doctor. This was a fun read and it was a well written scifi. There was plenty of interesting characters of mainly the commander, doctor, and the king with there sassy human women that were once slaves which consisted of Morganna the naughty red head to Doctor, Dante the naughty wife of the king, and Olivia who was the blonde who fell in love with the commander Wes. There was dragons, lions and other animals that talked and communicated with the magic brought through Morganna the sorcicier for the king. There was plenty of great sex from the commander and Olivia. All the human women would find there selves over their mates knee but in this commander series it was mostly Olivia. You could read this book alone but I would highly recommend the gift for the kind and gift for the doctor first. I really enjoy Scifi and this was a gem, highly recommend for scifi buffs and people who like to read a lot of sex scenes and plenty of spanking scenes of the 3 human women mates who just can’t stay out of trouble mixed in with some magic.

★★★★★ A. Smarts @ “OH MYYYY” on July 26, 2016
To quote George Takei, OH MYYYY. If you like descriptive sex and spankings, dominant men, and elements of magic and fantasy, you’re going to love this book. A standalone continuation to the two previous “Gift” books, in A Gift for the Commander, the reader gets the chance to revisit previous characters who manage to get into scrapes along with the heroine, Olivia. She is defiant, which allows for plenty of reasons for her to get spanked, and something rather interesting happens to her when she reaches subspace. The hero Wes is the quintessential alpha male who shows Olivia who is boss within the first couple page, but what I liked about him was that he was never cruel. Sara Fields always manages to write realistic spanking scenes that aren’t wimpy but aren’t over the top either. They are juuuusst right (to quote Goldilocks). Thinking of one-clicking this hot little book? Just do it (Nike… sorry, couldn’t resist). You’ll be happy you did!

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