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A Shameful Examination by Parker Fox

When she made an appointment at her company’s medical clinic, Amy Stephenson was hoping that a little bit of harmless flirting would get her sent home with a note excusing her from work.

Then the doctor took her temperature the embarrassing way, and things only got more shameful from there…

Much, much more shameful.

Now she’s bent over the exam table with her cheeks blushing and her well-spanked bottom sore inside and out, waiting for him to finish her treatment in the most humiliating way imaginable.




Publisher’s Note: A Shameful Examination includes sexual scenes, spankings, and extensive medical play. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Parker Fox

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$0.99

Length: 18,700 words


As she looked down between her bare breasts and spread thighs, she saw Dr. Davidson lift the glistening nozzle until it disappeared out of view, and a moment later she felt the Vaseline-coated tip touch the center of her clenching pucker. Then it slid into her until the full three inches were seated in her bottom.

“You’ll need to clench to hold it in,” he warned her.

For some reason, having to clamp her bottom cheeks together to hold in the tube for her own enema made the whole procedure all the more humiliating.

Doing her best to ignore the indignity of it all, she concentrated as hard as she could on trying to imagine all of this being over, hopefully ending with a nice excuse note in her hand. Her fantasizing was very rudely interrupted, however, when Dr. Davidson released the clamp on the hose and suddenly there was water flowing through the nozzle into her bottom.

She had never felt anything quite like this before. It wasn’t painful or even necessarily uncomfortable, but the feeling was certainly disquieting. It was as if she was being invaded in the most intimate way possible, and with every passing second the invasion claimed more territory.

Neither she nor Dr. Davidson said anything. There was nothing to say. They both simply waited as the water poured into her until it felt as if her tummy was full. Then really full. Then way, way too full. Still the water continued its onslaught, until at last the clenching of her cheeks went from tight, to tighter, to desperately tight.

What little concern there had ever been for holding in the hose was gone completely, and the only thing on her mind was ensuring that the most shameful accident possible did not happen right here in front of the handsome doctor. Finally, long past the point when she was sure she could take no more, the flow stopped and she realized the bag was empty.

Reaching down and placing one hand on her bare bottom, the doctor took hold of the protruding nozzle with his other hand and slowly pulled it from in between her tightly clamped cheeks, leaving a little trail of water and lubrication in its wake. After tossing the nozzle in the sink and rolling away the cart, the doctor simply stood there.

What the fuck is this asshole waiting for?

Unsure she could hold it for even one more second, Amy finally blurted out, “Please can I go now, doctor?”

“Oh, of course not, Amy. The enema needs time to do its work. You’ll need to hold it in for at least ten minutes.”

Ten. Minutes. There was absolutely no way she could hold it that long.

“Doctor, I don’t think I can hold it that long…”

“Well, if you really need to go, the bathroom is right down the hall, but if you can’t hold this one we’ll need to repeat the procedure.”