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A Stormy Night Begins…

We are so excited to start up Stormy Night Publications! This website is brand-spanking-new, as well as the company itself.

Do YOU have a spanking erotica tale you’d like to publish? We’re accepting submissions! We don’t have our “rules” up yet, because we’re trying to keep things open-minded. Pretty much the only two rules we’ll say up front is 1) we only accept stories, no poetry, please. And 2) the main characters which are receiving the sexual (or spanking) attention must be 18+. Other than that, we’re excited to see what you have!

Stormy Night Publications was created by Korey Mae & James Johnson to provide a highly author-centric publisher for spanking and BDSM romance and erotica titles.

We do not operate our own store, which allows us to concentrate completely on working with authors to produce and market excellent books. We sell our books through, Barnes and Noble, and other booksellers.

We cover all costs of publication. No author will ever be charged a penny for any service we provide. If we publish your book, we will provide professional advice on its content, professional cover-design, editing and eBook formatting, and marketing advice and assistance.

We pay among the highest royalties in the industry, and we pay them monthly.  We have paid advances on certain titles in the past and we are prepared to do so in the future in certain cases. Our response times on submissions are very fast. Books submitted to us are frequently published within one month.

We are 100% certain that we can provide you with a level of service which is unsurpassed anywhere in the erotica publishing industry. Please give us a try!

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