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Korey Mae Johnson’s Cover Portfolio

Please keep in mind that we have not published these titles, even though we have some of the authors below publishing with us now. This is just a collection of covers (not all but a good assortment) that Korey has done, just to show you what she can do for you.

Blushing Books, 2012
Blushing Books, 2012
Wicked Sisters
Blushing Books, 2012
Secret Alliance
Blushing Books, 2012
Serendipity Ranch
Blushing Books, 2012
Stephan's Decree
Blushing Books, 2012
The Snippy Miss Sophie
Blushing Books, 2012
The Neighborhood Prankster
Blushing Books, 2012
The Ghost of Loch Lenora
Blushing Books, 2012
Deuce's Dancer: Journey Series, Book 4
Blushing Books, 2012
Taken By Force
Blushing Books, 2012
U Behave
Blushing Books, 2012
Spanking Her Highness: The Journey Series, Book Three
Blushing Books, 2012
Against Her Will
Blushing Books, 2012
The Fairy of Everglade
Blushing Books, 2012
The Winding Arm: The Sam McGee Series, Book Three
Blushing Books, 2012
Daniel: Braddocks, Book One
Blushing Books, 2012
Spanking Her Highness: The Journey Series, Book Three
Blushing Books, 2012
Captive Bride
Blushing Books, 2012
Courting Celia
Blushing Books, 2012
The Sorcerer's Companion
Blushing Books, 2012
An Unexpected Husband
Blushing Books, 2012
Her Master and Commander
Blushing Books, 2012
Achewood Academy
Blushing Books, 2012
The Vampire's Lash
Spanking Sydney
His To Love
Uncle Charles' Girls
Untamed Love: The Neverland Colony, Book Two
Selebrity Love
To Tame a Thief
A Girl Named Taffy
More Than Fireworks
The Warlord's Rebel
Loving Lucia
Hot Days... Hotter Nights
The Maze
A Giggle or Two
Thornton's Wish
The Strong, Silent Type
Rescuing Princess Donee
Rescuing Princess Donee
Rescuing Princess Donee
Lost and Found
Daddy Seth and Missy
Kit Sparks' Anthology
Mistress Mommy
Rescuing Princess Donee
Time Out: The Game Plan, Book Two
Rescuing Princess Donee
Rescuing Princess Donee
Blushing Books, 2012
Blushing Books, 2012
Blushing Books, 2012
Blushing Books, 2012
A Stitch In TimeBlushing Books, 2010
A Thanksgiving HolidayBlushing Books, 2011
Ancient SoulsBlushing Books, 2011
Arrested by LoveBlushing Books, 2011
Bride of Rogue's CastleBlushing Books, 2010
Buying TroubleBlushing Books, 2011
Carly and the New ForemanBlushing Books, 2011
Come To MeBlushing Books, 2011
Crooked-T RanchBlushing Books, 2010
Cupid's MistakeBlushing Books, 2012
Blushing Books, 2010
Earning A Christmas BrideBlushing Books, 2011
Dutch and the CowboyBlushing Books, 2011
Finding Our Way to Happily Ever After, Book OneBlushing Books, 2012
Finn the DevourerBlushing Books, 2010
First WorldBlushing Books, 2011
Fools Rush InBlushing Books, 2011
Hell's Little AngelBlushing Books, 2011
Help Me, PleaseBlushing Books, 2010
Hidden NeedsBlushing Books, 2012
His by Valentine's DayBlushing Books, 2012
I Take Thee CollectionBlushing Books, 2010
Jake's SecretBlushing Books, 2010
Katie's Age Play Escort ServiceBlushing Books, 2012
Kindred SpiritsBlushing Books, 2010
Larkin's CowboyBlushing Books, 2012
Lily's LessonsBlushing Books, 2010
Love Thy NeighborBlushing Books, 2010
Mail Order Princess Book One :The Oregon TrailBlushing Books, 2010
Master of ThievesBlushing Books, 2011
Matt and CynthiaBlushing Books, 2010
More Consequences for MaraBlushing Books, 2012
Nuclear WinterBlushing Books, 2010
Party LinesBlushing Books, 2010
Peace and HarmonyBlushing Books, 2011
Penelope's GuardianBlushing Books, 2010
Pirate's RevengeBlushing Books, 2010
Pursuit of GloryBlushing Books, 2012
Reinventing IvyBlushing Books, 2012
Rescuing Princess DoneeBlushing Books, 2012
Respectable WifeBlushing Books, 2010
Royal DirectiveBlushing Books, 2012
Santa SimonBlushing Books, 2011
Searching For PandoraBlushing Books, 2010
Shawna's ChaseBlushing Books, 2011
She RanBlushing Books, 2012
Sheik's DesireBlushing Books, 2010
Simon SaysBlushing Books, 2012
Simple PleasuresBlushing Books, 2010
Sorcerer's ApprenticeBlushing Books, 2010
SoulmatesBlushing Books, 2010
Tam LinBlushing Books, 2011
Taming JessicaBlushing Books, 2010
Thankful For…Blushing Books, 2011
The EngagementBlushing Books, 2010
The Do-Gooders of Carson FlatsBlushing Books, 2010
The Harlot BrideBlushing Books, 2012
The HomesteadersBlushing Books, 2010
The Ice Cream CaperBlushing Books, 2010
The IntruderBlushing Books, 2012
The Lost Princess: The Land of Khys, Book FourBlushing Books, 2012
The Mayburg ChroniclesBlushing Books, 2010
The Power of LoveBlushing Books, 2010
The Reluctant Au PairBlushing Books, 2011
The Preacher's BrideBlushing Books, 2010
The Preacher's WifeBlushing Books, 2011
The Problematic PrincessBlushing Books, 2012
The Sister and the SinnerBlushing Books, 2012
The StowawayBlushing Books, 2010
The Swineherd's PrincessBlushing Books, 2011
The Warlord's BrideBlushing Books, 2012
The WalletBlushing Books, 2012
The Unrequited DomBlushing Books, 2011
The Yukon BrideBlushing Books, 2012
Thrall BrideBlushing Books, 2010
Too Old For This!Blushing Books, 2010
Torsten SchlossBlushing Books, 2010
Unexpected VisitorBlushing Books, 2010
VeronicaBlushing Books, 2012
What It's CalledBlushing Books, 2010
Where The Heart Is (The MacAllister Brothers, Volume One)Blushing Books, 2010
Where the Home Is: The MacAllister Brothers, Volume TwoBlushing Books, 2011
Why Him?Blushing Books, 2010
Hawke's LadyBlushing Books, 2010
Handled With Love: Ebook by Nattie JonesDiscipline and Desire, 2011
A Giving Heart: Ebook by Laura SmithDiscipline and Desire, 2011
For the Love of Giving: Ebook by Laura SmithDiscipline and Desire, 2011
Brat Tails II: Ebook by Maryse DawsonDiscipline and Desire, 2011
Dangerous Submission: Ebook by Jessica WallaceDiscipline and Desire, 2011
Millennium Falls: Ebook by Robin SmithDiscipline and Desire, 2011
Paradise: Ebook by Barrie AbalardDiscipline and Desire, 2011
Playing Through the Pain: Ebook by Barrie AbalardDiscipline and Desire, 2011
The Most Hated Woman in America: Ebook by Barrie AbalardDiscipline and Desire, 2011
The Diva: Ebook by Maren SmithDiscipline and Desire, 2011
The Wyoming Inheritance: Ebook by Caitlin EdwardsDiscipline and Desire, 2011
They Called Her Bones: Ebook by Brandy GoldenDiscipline and Desire, 2011
Your Smile Come Morning: Ebook by Chula StoneDiscipline and Desire, 2011
The Sanders Spanking Center: Ebook by Nattie JonesDiscipline and Desire, 2011
A Byrd in the Hand: Ebook by Chula Stone Discipline and Desire, 2012
Spanked With Care: Ebook by Nattie Jones Discipline and Desire, 2012


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