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Agent Jane and Her Daddy by Rose St. Andrews

Agent Jane and Her Daddy by Rose St. AndrewsAfter twenty-eight-year-old Amanda Seraph—Agent Jane to her fellow CIA operatives—learns that her husband, Walter, writes spanking romance novels, their relationship evolves rapidly. She soon discovers that an embarrassing bare-bottom spanking over her husband’s knee can spice up their marriage immensely, and Walter taking care of her like a loving daddy with his little girl allows Amanda to forget the stress of her dangerous job in a way that nothing else does.

Amanda spends her days in the life-or-death business of espionage, and in the evenings Walter fixes her dinner, bathes her, reads her bedtime stories, and then takes his little girl into his arms and shows her how daddy can make her feel better than she’s ever felt before. But when one of her missions proves far more dangerous than she realized, Amanda is forced to confess to her husband the true nature of her work. Can Walter forgive his little girl even though she has deceived him for so many years?

Publisher’s Note: Agent Jane and Her Daddy is an erotic novel which includes spankings, sexual scenes, age play, medical play, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Rose St. Andrews

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 30,500 words


Amanda sat there, beyond mortified, her tender tush stinging like the devil, and those damn probes driving her insane as Walter forced her closer and closer to a climax, all the while scolding her. She gasped, desperate to maintain her composure, her body moving further and further beyond her control.

“Amanda, you are not to cum without permission,” he ordered. “You do and you’ll get spanked over daddy’s lap.”

“Ohhh, ahhh, but-but-but, daddy, I-I-I… ohhh, please, must cum, musssst,” she choked out. “Give-give permiss-miss-mission, I’m beg-begging youuuuu!”

“No, not until the time is right. You sit there, you drink your tea, and eat your cookies. You cum and a spanking is the least of your punishments.”

He proceeded to tell her exactly what she’d get—in detail. That was the last straw. She came, shaking and shuddering in her seat. As she did, Walter turned up both probes to maximum and left her like that while he busied himself about the room. Amanda, trapped and shaking from head to toe, couldn’t focus her mind enough to follow what he was up to, but she knew it would be pure torture.

Finally, her body drained, she sat limp and broken, and he came to release her. The probes were withdrawn, her binding loosened, and then he sat and pulled her over his lap. She whimpered, dreading what was to come. Yet, it wasn’t what she expected. Coolness swirled across her anus. Before she could ask, a nozzle drove deep inside her.

“All right, step one: a nice big enema,” Walter said.

“Ohhh, daddy, please, not this,” she whined.

“Quiet,” he snapped, giving her a hard smack to her right cheek. “A naughty little girl who doesn’t obey her daddy gets the full treatment.”

In went the warm liquid, and then step two was added. She heard the vibrator click on, and Walter worked it in and out of her pussy, teasing and tormenting her clit and g-spot. He didn’t stop the enema until she was super full, and then came the plug. Now came part three, the final torture. Shifting her a bit, he removed the vibrator, and got her into the wheelbarrow position. As his hands began to smack, smack, smack her without mercy, the vibrator was replaced by his hard cock, thrusting and driving into her deeper and deeper, over and over.

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