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Aldric: A Sci-Fi Warrior Romance by Jane Henry


He is a barbarian. A savage. I came to his world as a spy… and I was caught. Alone and defenseless, my fate is in his hands. He captured me, punished me, and claimed me as his mate.

I promised myself that I would never yield, that I would resist and escape, but as he trains me to serve him I begin to wonder if one day I will gladly call him my master.


When I saw the little one in our midst, I was drawn to her beauty. She broke our laws and must pay the price, but I will let no harm come to her. She will belong to me, mine to enjoy as I please, and soon she will know the pleasure of surrendering to a warrior’s mastery of her body.

She is headstrong and defiant, but it will be my privilege and honor to tame her.

Publisher’s Note: Aldric: A Sci-Fi Warrior Romance is a stand-alone book which is the first entry in the Heroes of Avalere series. It includes spankings, sexual scenes, punishment and D/s scenes, and Master/slave themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Jane Henry

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 72,200 words


“You barbarian!” she screams, wriggling herself partially off my lap. This will not do. With my right hand, I bring her back to my lap, lift my leg, and restrain her with my leg over hers so that she cannot escape my grasp. Now her small, bare backside is vulnerable to my correction. I lift my hand high and bring it down with purpose. She howls as her spanking continues, and to my surprise, expletives color her language. I am shocked. I have never heard a woman use such language. It is unacceptable for a woman to speak in such a way, and she will learn that lesson as well.

“You may rail against me,” I say, underscoring my words with sharp swats. “But you will not treat me disrespectfully.” The slap of my hand against her bare skin resonates in the room. She howls and writhes but cannot escape my firm grasp. It is well that she cannot. I am nowhere near done correcting her.

I administer one sharp blow after another, feeling the sting of my hand on her skin. I intentionally swat the sides of her thighs, vulnerable and tender. “You will speak to me with respect,” I insist. “You will not utter oaths unbefitting a woman in my presence.” Another sharp blow has her wailing.

“Leave me alone!” she shouts, her voice catching. “You are a savage people!”

I frown. It seems I shall have to stay the course further than I’d anticipated. Perhaps the next time my little one needs a lesson, I will help advance her education with my strap.

“Savage though we may seem, compared to you,” I say, as I keep a steady rhythm of smacks, “women in our culture know their place. They would not dare to utter words of disrespect to their masters. Those who fail to surrender to their masters face very serious consequences.”

“Masters!” she utters, gasping with each hard blow I administer. “There are no masters of the human race! We are all equal!”

I pause, my hand raised over her reddened, fiery hot backside. “Is that so?” I ask. “Though your theory is interesting, it seems at this particular moment, there is only one of us receiving correction, and one administering correction.” I deliver another pointed smack but then I sober. I dislike having to correct her, and I haven’t yet managed to convince her to submit. “And I shall continue punishing you until I’ve made my point.” I give her another slap, then another. I’ve punished women before. I’ve taught them obedience. But the punishments I’ve administered were far shorter than this, as merely incurring my displeasure has typically made the women under me repentant before correction began. This little one is far more tenacious. Though I must have her obedience, I like her spirit. I like her fire. And my body does as well.

Beneath her, my erection presses hard against her as I continue to hold her. Having to teach this little one has aroused me. I long to have her beneath me, ruled by her master, eager to obey my bidding. But before we continue, she must learn to obey. I grit my teeth, determined to persevere until I have made my point.

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