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Aldric Storms onto Two Top 100 Lists

Jane Henry’s latest book, Aldric: A Sci-Fi Warrior Romance, has reached the Top 50 in the Science Fiction Romance and Fantasy Romance categories on Amazon! Congratulations Jane!

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★★★★★ A. Smarts @ “THRILLING tale of dominance and submission” on March 25, 2017
Aldric is a Jane Henry book, so I knew I would love it. But I wasn’t prepared for how MUCH I would love it. This thrilling tale of dominance, submission, love, and lust will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. Aldric, though foreboding in his strict ruling of both his kingdom and of Carina, has an understanding side to him that will melt your heart and
your panties. There are lots of nuances to this story I appreciated, such as Carina’s speech that reflects her innocence and wide-eyed misunderstanding of the world in which she’s found herself. This kind of writing provided an authenticity to the story that allowed me to feel fully immersed in it. I enjoyed every word. One-click this one NOW!

★★★★★ Brea Trundle @ “Oh My Aldric!!” on March 27, 2017
I just realized this didnt post on Friday so I am soooo sad but All I can say is OH MY HOTNESS! Aldric and Carina have you fallin in love with them both for verryyyyy different reasons.Jane Henry is one of my favorie authors and it’s because of the capitavating way she tells a story . From steamy ( oh my goodness that word is NOT strong enough for the scenes in this book) scenes to captivtaing romacnce the back and forth tug of war between these to characters is captivating. If you are looking for an amazing read and a spanking good time for all do not hesitate one second to pick up this sexy, sensual, make ya wanna stay up all night reading book! Jane Henry you are amazing and did it again!

★★★★★ Marybeth @ “Imposing barbarian” on March 26, 2017
I loved this story!!! Aldric is King of Avalere. Carina (R-482) is a spy from Freanoss. Unfortunately, she is caught as soon as she arrives with a weapon. She is claimed by Aldric and is punished publicly. Aldric frequently punishes her severely, but he is trying to help her. They start to fall in love.
I highly recommend this book!!! I really enjoyed it and it will be read and reread frequently!!

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    When Jane Henry decided to take a leap and write a Sci-fi romance, she hit the nail on the head in creating an amazing story. The story is a combination of sci-fi, warring planets, lies, and deceit, dominance, and submission, and finding one’s true self.

    The plot will have R-482, who will later be named Carina by Aldric, coming to Avalere as a spy. Everything she has believed and been programmed as fact will crumble. She enters what she thinks is the marketplace to blend in and instead it is a mating ritual, where she will be claimed by Aldric, Warrior King of Avalere. Everything that Carina has believed will change, and as she is no longer ingesting the Freanoss supplements, her mind and body will change too.

    Can Carina accept her new master, Aldric? “Your pleasure is mine to command. I am master of you, of every inch of you.” Will she be able to learn the intimacy between a man and woman is beautiful and meant to be cherished and enjoyed? “In this, our first act of coupling, her soul welcoming mine for the first time, we will reach ecstasy together.” As Carina spends time with Aldric and the people of Avalere, she discovers that everything she has been told her whole life was fabricated. “My whole life, I have been asleep, and he has awakened me.” Can she call Avalere home or will she long for the planet she hails from? “Home is a place where one is safe, Carina, where one is welcomed and loved.”

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