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Alien Property by Celeste Jones

I will breed her, but first I must tame her.

Her people attacked my world, and they were defeated. Now this beautiful little human will be the spoils of war, taken as my mate in return for a promise to spare her planet from annihilation.

She is mine to use as I please, but before she can be bred she must be mastered. If being carried aboard my ship bare and on display after a sound spanking doesn’t teach my mate her place, then I will deal with her defiance in a way that leaves her quivering bottom sore both inside and out.

But no matter how deeply she blushes or how shamefully she begs, we both know that soon she will be screaming with every shattering climax as she learns what it means to be alien property.


Publisher’s Note: Alien Property includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Celeste Jones

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 37,500 words


“Settle down, little mate.” His hand cracked down onto my bare bottom and the impact sounded around the room. Another swat landed on the other cheek.

“You can’t spank me.” I turned my head to look at him but ended up rubbing my face against the steely flesh of his torso instead. Power oozed from his pores. I was no match for him. But I would not give in, either.

Those smacks on my ass hurt. He kept going, swatting me on the same spot over and over.

Heated awareness built in my core and I squirmed to alleviate the ache growing there.

My eyes flew open and I renewed my efforts to get away. This was much too embarrassing and I felt way too vulnerable for comfort.

“I-I think we o-ought to go to your sh-ship now,” I said, the humiliating thickness in my voice revealing my state of arousal.

“Hm. I think we’ll stay right here for the time being. The Marauder will not leave without me. Or you.”

The Marauder? Of course his ship was called the Marauder. A raider who takes, commands, demands. I bit back a whimper.

He stopped spanking and explored my rear end, his hand moving between my thighs to spread them wide while his other hand delved beneath my shirt and slipped it over my head. I was so lethargic and mesmerized by what he was doing to me, it didn’t even occur to me to protest. When my bra sprang loose and got tossed onto the pile, I barely noticed.

Low rumbles emanated from Makkx’s chest, almost as though he was purring. His long thumb worked upward and probed inside my pussy. I gasped, embarrassed by the evidence of my body’s reaction that had to be coating the walls of my core.

When his thumb made contact with my swollen clit, I squealed and fought to close my legs. My face flamed in humiliation and I cursed my body’s betrayal. He’s a stranger, I shouted inside my head, but my body paid no attention to my indignation.

“You will not keep me from touching what is mine, naughty human.” He slapped all across my ass over and over with his massive palm.

“Hey—” It seemed I was incapable of saying even two words together. The hot smacks on my ass had gone from a stinging surprise to a flaming pain. “Ouch. That hurts.” I finally found my voice. “Stop that right now. I demand it.”

A chuckle rumbled through his body and I felt it against my hip that was pressed to the flat of his stomach.

“You demand it? Oh, you humans are entertaining.”

He continued to punish my ass and thighs in a most determined way. His hand was like a slab of concrete slamming into my tender never-spanked flesh. Over and over, he swatted until fire lashed across my ass and all the nerve endings in the lower half of my body sparked to life in response.

The feelings he awoke in me were frightening. I had no control over myself any longer and that felt extremely dangerous. I had to get away. This was all a very bad idea.

Writhing with all my strength, I tried to pull away from him. Of course, it was futile. He was a huge alien warrior and I was a petite human girl.

“Don’t try to escape me, Earth girl.” He snugged me in even closer to his torso and gave a hard smack to the underside of my ass, then paused to stroke his fingers between my thighs.

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