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Alpha Boss: A Dark Mafia Shifter Romance by Sara Fields

She came here to find her sister. Her mate found her instead.

When she blew off my offer to help rescue her sister, Natalia Kotova learned the hard way that defying an alpha shifter will get you spanked until you are sobbing, then mounted and rutted.

But she’s not bound to my bed with her dress and panties in shreds and every hole sore just because she needed a shameful lesson in manners from the most powerful mob boss in the city.

She’s here because she’s my mate.




Publisher’s Note: Alpha Boss is a stand-alone novel in the Wolf Kings series. It includes spankings, rough, intense sexual scenes, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sara Fields

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 62,000 words


“Naughty girl,” he growled.

“Sir!” I cried out.

“You’ve come twice now for me, haven’t you?”

“Yes, sir,” I whispered, feeling a fierce blush creep over my cheeks even though he couldn’t see my face.

His other hand settled on my bottom, and I tensed as his thumb rested on the crest of my backside. He petted me there at the base of my spine, but his movements had a threatening air to them that they didn’t have before.

“You’re going to come once more for me, little girl, but this time you’re going to have a finger in your tight little bottom hole to remind you how naughty girls are dealt with,” he warned, and I struggled a bit in his grasp as his thumb descended along the cleft of my ass. He passed my bottom hole, and I chewed my lip nervously as I waited.

His fingertip lingered in my wetness for several moments, swirling and gathering it before he tapped it against my tight virgin hole. I clenched tighter at the feeling of it, and he groaned as my pussy gripped at him too.

“No! Please don’t!” I cried out.

“Is it up to you, little girl?” he asked carefully, and I moaned, knowing what the answer he wanted to hear was. Giving him anything else would probably just make this that much worse.

“No, sir,” I wailed into the blankets, muffling my voice as if it wouldn’t happen if he didn’t hear me say the words.

“You’re going to come for me and I’m going to make sure this naughty little bottom hole is sore when you do,” he said darkly and without warning, he pushed his thick thumb inside me. I screeched, my untried asshole stretching so wide I thought it might tear. I squirmed and wailed as he pushed it even deeper. He didn’t care that it hurt me and with his cock inside me, I could feel him get that much harder.

He liked punishing me like this. It turned him on.

He pistoned his hips and started to fuck me as he pushed that terribly cruel finger even deeper inside my bottom. I couldn’t stop tightening around that digit in my panic, which only caused the stretching burn to flare red hot over and over again.

“If you want this finger out of this tight hole, little girl, you’re going to have to come for me,” he growled. He pounded his cock into me several times and I lost myself in the dizzyingly confusing sensations. On one hand, both my pussy and my asshole stung from his use, but on the other was a building fire inside me that needed to be set free. I could feel it and I wanted it. It felt just out of reach, like a glass of cold water in the middle of an arid desert on the hottest day of the year. I shuddered hard.

His cock was so thick. His finger was so punishingly big in my asshole.

I was so very full.

My clit pulsed heavily with need. My arousal swirled inside me, hot and heavy and tremendously consuming. My bottom burned. My pussy ached. Everything came together, forcing me to be a very well punished little girl who needed to come for the man who’d subdued her.

I cried out, shaking and quivering with every last breath.

“Come for me, little girl. Do I need to put a second finger in this naughty little hole?” he asked, and I teetered back and forth on the edge of orgasm. He pumped his thumb in and out of me and the last thing I thought about before I fell off that cliff was what it would feel like to have his cock fucking me there instead of his finger.

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