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Alpha of the Badlands: A Rough Sci-Fi Romance by Penelope Woods

I was fated for another. He took me anyway.

When the badland tribes came for me our settlement’s defenses proved no match for them. I was taken captive to be given to their leader. But an even more fearsome brute carried me off…

Ronan is not just an alpha. He is a feral beast, and he claimed me like one, mounting and rutting me with my bare bottom still burning from a shameful demonstration of my place as his mate. But it was not his punishing hand or his savage use of my virgin body that truly tamed me.

Instinct made me submit, but he made me his.



Publisher’s Note: Alpha of the Badlands is a stand-alone novel which is the first book of the Savage Alphas series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Penelope Woods

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 55,000 words


Hands gripping my ass cheeks, fanning across my quivering flesh, he consumes me. My body tenses, and I cry out as the hot pleasure burns through my bottom to my clit. My face feels flushed, and my throat aches, my control slipping away.

He slides in three fingers, molding over my g-spot. “Come for Alpha,” he murmurs.

My knees buckle, my entire body convulsing. My mind gives way to deep pleasure, my climax upon me hits me faster than lightning. As I orgasm, I hold onto his hand feverishly, crying out.

He growls with satisfaction as I give him my slick release, shuddering against him over and over again. Heat is all I know.

I have a taste for fire now—and I want more.

Looking into my eyes, he leans back, and my wetness taints his perfectly chiseled cheek. His canines drip. “Need to rut…”

I lay limp, sinking into the wet spot I made on the floor. “Breed,” I moan.

He takes hold of my chin, kissing my lips hard enough to give me a taste of sweet slick. “Rut with Alpha Master.”

A look of desire sends chills through me. But this is what I want. “Take me from behind.”

His desire to rut me is so primal it can’t be stopped. His hand is warm on my breast, body hot and powerful behind mine. I can feel his hunger taking over.

His hand slips from my breast, past my waist, and onto my hips. He clutches my sides as his crown meets my slick opening. He edges inside me, the fit astonishingly tight.

“Yes,” I urge. “Fuck me!”

He takes the back of my hair into his hand and sinks into me.

He takes me without mercy, his thrusts so fast, I don’t have a chance to think about how many inches are inside me. He holds me close, adoring my curves, and filling me to the brim with his alpha cock.

I bite my lip, gasping with pleasure. “Knot me.”

His cock swells. “Little omega. Feel this. Hold this deep inside of you.”

I catch my breath, a burst of pleasure ripping through me. “Yes, Master.”

“Do you feel my knot?”

He’s growing bigger inside me. His knot, bringing me in closer. “Come inside me,” I tell him.

He breathes before thrusting again. “No,” he growls. “You are not ready.”

I rock my hips, my desire consuming me. “Breed my pussy. I am fertile enough, Master.”

Ronan tries to force himself out, but the swelling keeps us together. Pain radiates throughout my core. “Please,” I moan.

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