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Alpha: A Rough Shifter Romance by Sara Fields

He’s not an alpha. He’s the alpha. And he’s going to breed me.

I used to believe beasts like him were nothing but legends and folklore. Then he came for me.

He is no mere alpha wolf. He is the fearsome expression of the virility of the Earth itself, come into the world for the first time in centuries to claim a human female fated to be his mate.

That human female is me.

When I ran, he caught me. When I fought him, he punished me.

I begged for mercy, but mercy isn’t what he has in mind for me.

He’s going to force one brutal climax after another from my naked, quivering body until my throat is sore from screaming and he’s not going to stop until he is certain I know I am his.

Then he’s going to breed me.

Publisher’s Note: Alpha includes spankings, rough, intense sexual scenes, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sara Fields

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 64,300 words


He laid the third switch on the boulder by the others. I stared at it with extreme reluctance and tried to swallow away my unquenchable fear and ever-building desire.

Then he picked up what remained of my shirt and tossed it over a fallen log. Calmly, he extended his arm toward me and I tentatively took it, knowing that I had no other choice. With a gentleness I wasn’t sure I deserved, he led me over to the log and laid me over top of it lengthwise. After that, he tore strips of cloth from what remained of my jeans. I waited, staying where he put me.

He returned to me and bound my hands together. He also tied a very long piece around my waist, securing me to the log. I wasn’t able to roll or move off of it. I felt so very helpless and vulnerable bound this way and I was sure that he knew it too.

My pussy tightened with need and I whimpered softly, very nervous for what was to come. His fingers traced lightly up the backs of my thighs and I looked up at him with trepidation.

His cock was so very hard. He was enjoying punishing me like this.

He caught me staring and I blushed, forcing myself to turn away.

His fingers dipped in between my legs.

“So very, very wet, little mate. You protest, but this little pussy is telling me that this is exactly what you want,” he said softly, and I whined with shame. He pressed one finger into my pussy, and I shuddered with pleasure.

“Please,” I begged.

“Not yet, my pretty little omega. You’ve got quite a switching coming before I allow you to come all over my cock,” he answered, his voice dark and dangerous and entirely too fuckable.

He strode over to the boulder and took the longest switch into his fingers. He swished it through the air and the sound made me shiver in fearful arousal.

“I gave you an instruction before, and you ignored it. This punishment is going to ensure that it won’t happen again, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, sir,” I whimpered.

I felt so exposed. So vulnerable. I didn’t feel even remotely feisty or defiant anymore.

Instead, I felt like a little girl who was about to find out what happened when she was very naughty and then got caught. I had a feeling I was about to understand what it truly meant to be punished. My spanking had only been the beginning.

“Please, I won’t run again,” I begged.

“I know,” he replied. He laid the switch on my naked bottom.

“I’m sorry I tased you,” I pleaded, hoping my words would stop what seemed so very inevitable right now.

“I know that too, little mate. You’ll get your chance to soothe the place that you tased with your tongue after I’ve decided your beautiful little body has been punished to my satisfaction,” he said firmly, and my core twisted hard.

He wanted to fuck my mouth. I was sure of it.

“Please, I’ve learned my lesson,” I begged. “You don’t need to switch me.”

“Of the two of us, who gets to choose how you are punished?” he pressed.

“You do, sir,” I answered timidly. My legs flexed nervously as the switch laid against my already sore backside and I nervously awaited its cruel bite.

“That’s correct. I’m going to enjoy switching your beautifully bare bottom, your pretty breasts, and your wet little pussy. You’re going to scream and beg and you’re going to cry for me, but your punishment is only going to end when I’ve decided you’ve had enough. Is that clear, little girl?”

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