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An Indecent Awakening by Emily Tilton

An Indecent Awakening by Emily TiltonWhen tall, handsome Ben Weathers catches eighteen-year-old Stacy Miller watching porn and touching herself, the shy girl is utterly mortified. But Ben feels no hesitation in informing Stacy that he thinks he’s the right man to punish her thoroughly for her disgraceful behavior, and she soon finds herself over his knee for a painful and humiliating bare-bottom spanking.

Ben doesn’t stop there, though. Seeing the way Stacy responds to his dominance, he decides to enlist the help of her naughty viewing habits in training her to please a man. From that point, he oversees her erotic education: she will visit his home twice a week, where she will submit to him completely. Though each meeting with Ben is more shameful and indecent than the last, Stacy soon realizes that Ben has begun to teach her to embrace her true erotic self and to find pleasures she never imagined. Week after week she returns to Ben’s house for more.

When Ben decides that it’s time for him and his friends to give Stacy her final lesson, though, will she turn her back on her indecent awakening?

Publisher’s Note: An Indecent Awakening includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/Currently on Sale for $0.99

Length: 50,200 words



“The second part of your assignment is to watch the video that’s on your laptop called Polly Gets Caught. Do you remember that one?”

“Yes,” she admitted, though he could hear the reluctance in her voice—and he could certainly understand the reluctance given what Polly suffered in the video: things that Stacy undoubtedly, and accurately, imagined would now befall her.

“You may not touch yourself while you watch the video. You’re going to make a video of yourself watching it, for me, so I can be sure you stayed on the path of virtue. That’s the third part of your assignment. In the video, you’re going to be naked.”

“What?” She turned her head wildly, trying again to get a look at him. Her movement made her backside squirm deliciously on his finger, and Stacy gave a little sob as if with the extremity of the feeling and her inability to escape it, or even to see him.

Ben pulled the finger out. “Stand up,” he said sternly, and took a step back to let her do so. He seized her firmly by the forearms, from behind, and marched her over to stand in front of the big reclining armchair, three feet away from it. Then he sat in the chair himself.

Stacy’s eyes were fixed on the floor. “Hands on your head, porn-girl,” he said. It was a posture she would know very well from such videos as Polly Gets Caught, and she obeyed almost instantly, looking at him with wide eyes as she did so.

Ben drank in the sight of the pretty naked porn-girl in front of him. Really, her pussy curls were very sweet; he almost regretted what he considered the necessity of removing them next time. But the educational benefits of a cunt that felt bare could not, in his view, be denied.

Stacy’s firm little breasts heaved with the quickness of her frightened breathing. The brown nipples pointed ever so slightly outward, which Ben found terribly endearing.

“Alright, baby,” he said softly. His cock had begun to rise again at the lovely sight of her standing submissively before him, and he pumped it gently, just to show her that he could give himself pleasure any time he wanted, since he was her teacher. “Do you really not understand the third part of your homework, or do you just want to get out of it?”

“Please…” she whispered. “Please. Maybe with my clothes on? Or… or just my underwear?”

“Get over my lap,” Ben said. “You clearly don’t understand your situation yet.”

“What? Oh, no! Please, don’t… sir… I-I’ll do it—I’ll do it with my clothes off.”

“Yes,” Ben said firmly, “you will. But you will also have a spanked bottom in a moment, and it will be more painful the longer you wait to get over my knee.”

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