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An Old-Fashioned Homestead by Katie Douglas

Old Fashioned HomesteadWhen twenty-four-year-old British grad student Isabel Sutton takes a summer job as a nanny at former soldier Nate Byrne’s homestead in rural California, she soon discovers that her new boss is a very traditional man. He believes in strict discipline, and after negligence on her part puts his family in danger she quickly finds herself over his knee for a painful, embarrassing spanking.

Though Nate’s stern chastisement comes as a shock to Isabel, in spite of her blushing cheeks and sore backside she cannot deny that the humiliating punishment awakens passions in her that she never knew existed, and before she knows it she is yearning for him to take her long and hard.

Nate has barely so much as looked at another woman since his wife’s death, but when Isabel shows up on his doorstep the sweet, spunky girl calls to him in a way nothing has in years. Spanking her beautiful bottom arouses him deeply, and when he realizes the extent to which his dominance excites her, he decides it is time to give her exactly what she needs.

It isn’t long before Isabel is quivering with desire and begging for more as Nate strips her bare and teaches her what it means to surrender her body to a man’s masterful touch, and life in his household feels more fulfilling with each passing day. But can a thoroughly modern girl ever truly find happiness with a firm-handed man on an old-fashioned homestead?

Publisher’s Note: An Old-Fashioned Homestead is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Katie Douglas

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 32,100 Words


“Miss Sutton,” he said. “Am I to take it that you came to my room with no nightwear on underneath your robe, or underwear besides?”

I nodded.

“That hardly seems appropriate for a young lady meeting with her employer to rectify a mistake that put her in danger, now, does it?” he asked. “I could get quite the wrong idea about you.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Byrne,” I said, not quite sure whether he was joking or being serious. He trailed his fingers over my skin.

“I was going to warm up with spanking you over your panties, but since you aren’t wearing any, I will have to start on your bare bottom. I’m not going to go any easier on you on account of that,” he said, and brought his hand down on my left cheek.

The sting was sharp and I was reminded of how much the first spanking had hurt. As he continued to spank me, I wiggled my bottom and kicked my legs to try to quell the burn. He was spanking much harder here, and I could feel his arousal under my hip. After several minutes, he stopped. I wasn’t crying yet. I was certain it wasn’t over.

“Now I’m going to apply this lovely piece of wood to your naughty bottom,” he said, showing it to me. My eyes widened in horror. Contrary to the last, my nether regions betrayed me again. I was dripping wet, and it seemed I wasn’t the only one.

I could taste his arousal in the air around us, mingling with the fresh pine scent of the woodshed.

Wasting no time, he brought the wood down right on my sit spot.

I yelped and kicked.

The wood was definitely worse than the belt—it was so inflexible and big!

He continued to apply it to my bottom and very soon I was crying. It felt so solid when it connected with my bum. As he continued, I found myself becoming still; lost in the moment, accepting my fate. If you’d touched the fire in my backside at that moment, you probably would have burned your fingers. Tears rolled quietly up my forehead and dripped onto the floor. He was right, of course. Damn him, he was always right. That could have been my head that got injured, and I might be in hospital right now trying to remember my own name. Why hadn’t I just dusted sensibly?

“Last three,” he said. “You’re nearly there.”

I counted them in my head and cried even more once it was over. He rubbed my sore bottom and made it hurt less, all the while holding me with his other hand.

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