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Anna’s Daddy by Rose St. Andrews

When Anna stumbled into Ryan Fleming at the grocery store and then proceeded to give him an undeserved piece of her mind, she didn’t expect to find herself over his knee later that night with her bottom bare for a sound spanking and she certainly didn’t think she’d be calling him daddy.

Yet even if she blushes to admit it, Ryan is exactly the man she needs, and as the tall, handsome author takes her firmly in hand Anna cannot help longing for him to take her in his arms as well.

Soon Anna is learning what it means to belong to a daddy like him, and every strict correction and quivering climax leaves her feeling loved, cherished, and satisfied. But when one of Ryan’s books becomes a bestseller can he make sure his little girl knows that she always comes first?


Publisher’s Note: Anna’s Daddy includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Rose St. Andrews

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 40,000 words


“All right; now go to your room and wait in the corner for me, and I’ll be in to give you a good sound spanking to your bare little bottom over my knee. After that, you get a horsey ride.”

“Bare? Knee?” she gasped, getting to her feet. “Wait, my room?”

He nodded. “Of course, little girls always get their clothes pulled down and go across their daddy’s lap for a spanking,” he told her, and pointed at the spare room where she’d changed for dinner. “That’s your room.”

“Oh. Ah… yes, Daddy,” she said, and turned to go.

She shuffled off, wincing slightly as she walked, the sting to her cheeks causing a delicious sensation to tease her clit with each step. Once in the room, she took up a position in the corner, her hands lightly rubbing her achy behind. Then, without being told, she yanked her hands away. She knew Ryan wouldn’t approve of her doing that. As she stood there, she wondered how long he would make her wait, and she started to squirm in anticipation of what was to come.

What was he planning to do to her? All manner of images drifted through her mind, and then she again caught sight of the root cellar through the window. A bolt of sexual fire shot into her pussy and she went up on her tiptoes. She saw herself locked away in the cellar, decked out in a variety of juvenile outfits: footie pajamas, school uniform and so on, and forced to be his little girl forever. Forever spanked, forever fucked, and his slave for all time.

It drove her wild!

That light sting to her behind enflamed her pussy, it pulsated with pure raw passion, and she felt herself growing closer and closer to a climax.

She shook and shivered, her teeth chattering as she fought the hunger to thrust both hands between her legs. Her thighs quivered, and she lost that fight. She began to rub, first with one hand, and then both started to grind into her.

“Anna, what do you think you’re doing, bad girl?” Ryan shouted.

“Ah,” she squealed, and almost fell off her feet as she spun to face him. “Holy crap, Ryan, are you trying to give me a heart attack?”

He smirked, but then grew stern. “What did you just call me, little girl?”

She chewed her lip. “Eep! Sorry, sir. I mean, Daddy.”

“Better, but there’s still the matter of what you were doing. Were you being a dirty girl and abusing yourself?”

“Dirty? Abus—? I… ah, I’m sorry, Daddy, but… yes, I… was.”

“I see. So, what happens to dirty little girls who indulge in self-abuse?” he asked. “What does such a girl need?”

“Ah… ah… a spanking, Daddy, I should be spanked,” she blurted out.

“Then get undressed.”

“Un… dressed?”

He nodded. “Exactly. If you’re going to abuse such a lovely body, I’m going to not merely spank your gorgeous bottom; I’m going enjoy your body. So, strip, every stitch, now!”

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