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Assume the Position by Kenny Walters

Assume the Position by Kenny WaltersThis book contains eight short stories from the author of Bend Over, Girl and Eight of the Best. The majority of these stories depict punishments in British and American schools, while the others are set in a judge’s home in rural America, a manor house in England, and the office of a professional disciplinarian in London.

Judged and Punished
A judge’s daughter is caught drinking alcohol with three of her friends, with predictable consequences.

Parking Lot Punishment
A girl changes schools when her parents move from California to North Carolina and finds the style of discipline at her new school very different.

The Head Girl’s Dilemma
Even head girls get themselves into trouble sometimes, but when this head girl’s punishment is considered too lenient by her peers it leads to conflict among the prefects.

Old Tom
The daughter of the lady of the house is a spoilt brat, but at last she gets her comeuppance.

A Personal Experience
A story told in the second person describes the caning of a girl by her headmistress in intimate detail.

A Piece of Mud
Retaliation against a schoolmate—who happens to be a prefect—lands a sixth-form girl in serious trouble.

A Paddling
Rebecca expects to face in-school-suspension for a series of violations of school rules, but it turns out her favorite teacher has a different punishment in mind.

Unit 52
A woman visits a disciplinarian after narrowly avoiding a brush with the law.

Publisher’s Note: While many of the stories in this book share a school setting, it is made clear in all of them that the characters are over the age of eighteen.

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Author: Kenny Walters

eBook Price: $3.95

Length: 37,200 words


As Jennifer stepped round to the end of the large desk, Mr. Grant followed her round while Miss Hardiman moved to a position directly to Jennifer’s rear.

“You know what you have to do, Miss Mendelsen.”

“I don’t, actually. sir. This is a whole new experience for me.”

Vice Principal Grant shrugged. “Bend over the end of the desk, keeping your legs straight and about eighteen inches apart. I suggest you use your elbows for support.”

Jennifer bent across the end of the desk, resting her whole upper body on the flat wooden surface, stretched her legs out behind her and then separated them until they were somewhere around eighteen inches apart.

“No, no, Miss Mendelsen! You need to have your stomach clear of the desk. Show her, please, Miss Hardiman.”

“Stand up again, Jennifer.” Miss Hardiman helped Jennifer get up off the desk. “Now, stand up straight with your legs apart. That’s the idea. Keep your legs vertical and bend over until you can place your elbows on the desk.”

Jennifer did as she was instructed and soon found this new position made her bottom stick out with her blue jeans moulded around the curves of her buttocks. It also made the low-cut jeans feel like they were about to spring off her hips and fall to the floor.

“You’ll do,” Miss Hardiman announced. “Just keep your butt sticking out.”

Jennifer looked round to see the young teacher return to her position at the rear where she had a clear view of Jennifer’s bottom.

“I take it you’ve nothing in your back pockets, Miss Mendelsen?” Vice Principal Grant asked as he looked down at Jennifer’s attractive rear end.

“No, sir,” Jennifer answered smartly.

“Okay. Let’s get to it.”

Within moments, Jennifer felt the wooden paddle being placed carefully across the seat of her blue jeans. She flinched. The next sensation was of the paddle being moved around in a circular rubbing motion over the surface of the jeans.

After fully twenty seconds of rubbing, suddenly the paddle was no longer touching her.

“Oh, God!” she thought to herself. “Aaaaaaaaahhhh!!”

Her ears filled with the loud bang as the paddle landed hard across the rear of her jeans. Jennifer’s bottom suddenly felt like it was on fire with a searing pain such as she had never experienced before. She bent her left knee and wriggled her bottom around as she tried to massage the pain against the inside of her jeans.

“Just hold quite still, would you please, Miss Mendelsen.”

It seemed advisable to comply with the gruff voice, so Jennifer braced herself back into the position Miss Hardiman had gotten her to adopt. Within moments, Jennifer felt the paddle rubbing against the seat of her blue jeans, a motion she find quite helpful in dealing with the pain. After some moments, she no longer felt the paddle on her bottom.

“Oh, no! Here it comes!” she thought. “Oooooooccchhh!!!”

Again, Jennifer bent at the knee and moved herself around to try to ease the fiery pain that once again spread across her entire rear end, once the paddle had slammed into her butt for the second time.

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