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At Leo’s Command by Emily Tilton

At Leo's Command: Book 4 of the Institute Series by Emily tiltonWhen twenty-three-year-old Kristen Harper peeks through a window and witnesses a man giving a woman a bare-bottom spanking, the sight ignites desires she has ignored for too long. After Kristen sees the same man get into a van with a company’s logo, she calls the company to make an appointment, hoping to experience for herself what she glimpsed in the window.

The man turns out to be Leo Hastert, one of the top trainers at the Institute, a place dedicated to giving women like Kristen exactly what they need. After her call, Leo visits Kristen’s home, spanks her long and hard, and takes her in all the ways she’s longed for a man to have her. Everything is perfect… until Leo informs Kristen that she can’t be his. What he can do for her, though, is take her to the Institute, where she will be fully trained as a submissive.

Kristen volunteers for the Institute, but she’s not ready to say goodbye to Leo, and as her training continues he is stunned by his intense and growing feelings for her as well. Can Leo stay professional and play his role in Kristen’s training, or will he decide that having Kristen as his own is worth any price?

Publisher’s Note: At Leo’s Command is a stand-alone sequel to Bought and Trained and is set in the same world as Breaking Abigail and An Extreme Marriage. It is an erotic novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of medical play, extensive BDSM content, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: $4.95

Length: 49,600 words


“You were a naughty girl to peek into that window, weren’t you, Kristin?”

“Yes, master.”

He spanked her again, even harder.


“When I punish a girl, Kristin, I make sure she understands that she is being punished.”

Then he really started to spank her, over and over, in the middle, on the right, on the left, on her thighs.

“Oh, God… p-please… ow! Master, please! I… I’m sorry!” The arousal stopped, because the pain was too great. Did she still want this? She definitely wanted the spanking to stop, but… she wanted to stay over his lap, somehow, once he stopped hurting her. She didn’t want to stop having a master, ever.

“When a girl gets her first spanking from me,” Master Leo began, continuing to spank her with his huge, strong right hand, so that she felt her bottom squirming and clenching entirely of its own accord in a way that sent thrills of shame coursing through her body. She sobbed in pain and humiliation, but something about the tears felt cleansing. “It’s important to me that she have a lesson she’ll never forget in what a dominant man like me—a master—can do with his bare hand on a naughty bottom.”

He gave one final tremendous spank, which made Kristin shriek in agony. Her bottom felt like it had the worst sunburn of her life. Now Master Leo began to rub, and suddenly, though the rubbing itself was painful, that pain had transformed, and the heat was in her pussy, and instead of sobbing Kristin began to moan.

“There you go, naughty girl,” Master Leo said. “Tell me again what you saw through the window.”

“You were naked,” Kristin whispered. “There was a… oh, God… a blond girl… and she was on her knees, and her bottom was red…”

“Like yours is now, sweetheart.”

“Oh, God… yes, and her hands… she had cuffs on her wrists, and she was going to… it looked like she had to… with her mouth… Oh, no… p-please… no… master…”

Master Leo’s fingers had urged her thighs apart, and now he had pulled her thong out of the valley between her bottom-cheeks, and he touched her there. There, on her pussy, on her clit.

“Mmm,” he murmured. “You wax, don’t you, you good girl? A nice smooth pussy is my favorite thing in the world, and it feels like maybe you even waxed for me. Did you?”

“Oh, God… I didn’t know…”

“But you thought it might be me.”

“Y-yes!” The word became a strangled cry of pleasure, as Master Leo rubbed Kristin’s clit very firmly. The rug beneath her face seemed to swim in her vision, with the extremity of the pleasure.

“Was that all you saw, sweetheart?”

“Yes! Oh, God… I… I ran away. And then, I was running last week, and I saw you go into a house, and I memorized the number on the van.” Master Leo put two fingers inside her soaking pussy, and moved them gently in and out. Mastered: Kristin was completely mastered. When one of her boyfriends had done that, had finger-fucked her like that, she hadn’t liked it—but knowing that Master Leo wanted to command her pussy that way seemed to make the whole region burn and melt at the same time.

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