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Auctioned for Their Use by Ivy Barrett

After she is captured by Yashonty marauders, twenty-four-year-old college student Brianne Mortenson is put up for auction. Bare and on display, she blushes crimson as her naked, quivering body is teased and inspected by potential bidders, but the real shock comes when she learns that she has been bought by not one but two huge, intimidatingly sexy alien brutes.

King Eltor of Rylar and his brother General Sarnak have quarreled in the past, but when it comes to taming their newly purchased pet they are of one mind. She will surrender herself utterly and completely to even their most shameful demands or she will be swiftly and sternly punished.

As Brianne’s new owners set about mastering her ever more thoroughly their dominance proves more deeply arousing than she would have thought possible, but do they intend to keep her as their mate or is she just a plaything to be used and then discarded when they are done with her?

Publisher’s Note: Auctioned for Their Use is a stand-alone novel which is the ninth book in the Ventori Masters series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Ivy Barrett

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 70,500 words


Keeping her head up so she could look at them was straining her neck, so she returned her forehead to the padded support and stared at the floor. “My trainer has been trying to break my will since I arrived at Exotic Pets. What makes you think you can do it in a couple of hours?”

“I never said we would finish by the time we reach Rylar,” Najin said. “I just said you weren’t going to enjoy the trip unless you stop being so damn stubborn.”

She started to tell them that they owned her body and controlled her life, but they would never own her mind or control her spirit. The discomfort in her backside warned her to keep those thoughts to herself. In fact, that was her biggest problem. She needed to keep all of her thoughts to herself. If she just bit her tongue and—someone pulled her bottom cheeks apart, and she started struggling.

“Wait!” she cried. “What are you doing?”

“The outside of your bottom is already sore, so I must punish the inside,” Najin told her.

“I’m sorry. I’m really, really sorry. I’ll be good. I promise.”

“Is that so?” Her cheeks were still pulled apart, so he hadn’t believed her apology. “Why are you sorry, and what will you do better next time?” He smeared something cool across her puckered opening then pushed it inside with one of his fingers.

She was so embarrassed she couldn’t remember why they were angry with her this time, so she went with the obvious. “I was rude and disobedient.”

He chuckled and smeared more of the cool substance over her bottom hole. “What did you refuse to do?”

Her opening began to tingle, then burn as the coolness gradually morphed into heat. “What is that? What did you put inside me?”

“It’s called ayeetis gel. We’ve used it for centuries to help stubborn females make better decisions.”

She squirmed, trying to avoid his fingers and dislodge those holding her open in such a demeaning way. The waist and thigh straps kept her from moving more than an inch or so. “Please, it’s really starting to burn.”

“Oh, we’re just getting started,” Najin warned as he drove one of his fingers into her bottom. Her rippled muscle resisted the invasion, trying to keep him out, but the ayeetis also worked as a lubricant, so not much pressure was needed to breach her virgin hole.

She gasped and instinctively clenched, but two hands still held her open. Two hands? Shame crashed over her all over again. Eltor was helping his brother humiliate her. They both had a perfect view as Najin slid his finger in and out of her vulnerable bottom.

“Disobedient pets get their asses punished inside and out,” Najin taunted as if she couldn’t feel what he was doing. Each rotation pushed the gel deeper, and friction intensified the heat. “Is it starting to burn, naughty pet?”

“Yes, General.” She wiggled and groaned as the heat swelled and receded. It was undeniably painful, yet darker, more confusing sensations threaded through the pain. Her clit tingled, and her pussy fluttered. Of course, this would turn her on. Hot shame accompanied the realization. Everything seemed to turn her on.

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