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Auctioned: A Dark Sci-Fi Menage Romance by Piper Stone

They bought me at auction. They’ll keep me as a pet.

Twenty years ago the Malzeons saved us when we were at the brink of self-annihilation, but there was a price for their intervention. They demanded humans as servants… and as pets.

Only criminals were supposed to be offered to the aliens for their use, but when I defied Earth’s government, asking questions that no one else would dare to ask, I was sold to them at auction.

I was bought by two of their most powerful commanders, rivals who nonetheless plan to share me. I am their property now, and they intend to tame me, train me, and enjoy me thoroughly.

But I have information they need, a secret guarded so zealously that discovering it cost me my freedom, and if they do not act quickly enough both of our worlds will soon be in grave danger.

Publisher’s Note: Auctioned includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 80,100 words


Greson chuckled in a barbaric manner as he dragged a single finger down the crack of my ass, pushing until he found my puckered hole. I froze, butterflies floating in my tummy as he tugged and pulled on the anal plug, thrusting in and out savagely.

“You will be trained,” he whispered. “You will be punished.”

I couldn’t help but whimper.

“And you will surrender every inch of your luscious body.”

I knew I should resist. I realized I should fight hard against my captors but what was the use? They would keep me locked away, waiting until their hunger reached a level that couldn’t be denied.

Greson smacked me on the ass, moving his hand from one ass cheek to the other even as Draze shifted to my other nipple. “And you will obey our every command,” Greson continued.

I had no answer, words and breath caught in my throat.

“Answer me,” Greson demanded. “Tell me that you will behave, become an obedient little pet.” He smacked me again. And again. Every strike was harder than the one before.

“Yes. Yes. Sir.” The words were hollow, yet I said them if only to buy me time. I had to get to the king. Maybe he would listen. Until then, I’d become the best little human on their entire Godforsaken planet.

“See, Draze. She can learn. One way or the other.” Greson laughed, continuing the spanking for another few minutes before dipping his hand between my legs. The moment he nuzzled his head against my neck, I fell against him.

God, I wanted to hate this… creature. I needed to keep my distance, but the way his fingers pushed past my swollen folds, tickling my pussy was incredible. I knew he could bring me to an orgasm within seconds.

This was crazy.

This was horrible.

This was…

Draze eased back, dragging his tongue across his slickened lips. “We will take her to my quarters for now.”

“What do you have in mind, brother?” Greson asked. He flexed his fingers open, pounding into me with wild abandon.

“We will punish and fuck her there.” Draze simply broke the connection, his gaze sweeping over me before he shifted in the other direction.

Greson wrapped his hand around my shoulder, holding me in position as he finger fucked me, the force driving me onto my toes. “I will enjoy breaking you down, requiring you to service my every need. But I assure you, little human, there will also be pleasure. If you obey.”

His words were more haunting that the ones issued by Draze. I watched in both apprehension and awe as the larger alien selected a series of punishment implements, taking enough time my mouth went dry.

A pure moment of bliss surfaced as Greson plunged in long, even strokes, curling the tips until he was able to hit my G-spot. “Oh. Oh. Oh.”

“Does that feel good, little pet? Are you enjoying the pleasure that I can bring you?”

“Yes. Yes!”

Greson squeezed my arm before pulling his fingers all the way out. When he yanked me against his body, grinding his hips, he rubbed his cream-slickened fingers across my lips. “Only when you’re allowed.”

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