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Auctioned to the Alpha: A Dark Shifter Romance by Trent Evans

I wasn’t up for auction. He acquired me anyway.

My job was to hunt down runaway omegas and deliver them for sale to the shifter clans. Then one day an alpha wolf ignored the girl on the auction block and demanded someone else instead.


I could pretend I didn’t know what I was, and maybe that was true once, but since that day three years ago when Dmitri first captured my gaze with his I’ve known exactly who and what I am.

His mate. His omega mate.

But he’s going to do more than just mount and rut me the way my body was meant to be mounted and rutted. He’s going to make sure I feel the shame of it as he claims and knots me.

And he’s going to make me beg for it first.

Publisher’s Note: Auctioned to the Alpha includes spankings, rough sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Trent Evans

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 58,000 words


Stroking every inch of her, as if reacquainting himself with her naked, helpless body, he reveled in the inward sweep of her surprisingly narrow waist, the roundness of her hips arching out in a pleasing broadness, the buttocks generous but smooth, the cleft between them deep, mouth-wateringly fragrant. He eased her bottom open, staring at her tiny hole, tracing its darkened circlet with the sharp tip of a claw.

She jerked as he played with that opening, and he laughed softly.

“Not this time, omega. But soon enough, you’ll yield to me here too.”

Not allowing her time to process the dark implication of his words, he caressed and squeezed the lush but firm thighs, admiring the power in them, pleased at her strength, her obvious vitality.

“Taking such good care of my possession, sweet girl,” he murmured, giving the back of her thigh a long pinch, pleased at the hiss that slipped from her lips at the sharp pain. She was a creature of both stoicism and bravery, even in the most trying of circumstances—which were no doubt part of why she’d become an agent in the first place.

It would be to her credit when it came time to determine how best to approach breeding her.

Getting ahead of yourself, aren’t you?

The thought was in Knox’s voice, of course, his beta—and best friend—always and forever both the voice of reason, and the messenger of the truth.

Even when Dmitri would rather kill the man than hear it.

Strangely, it reminded him of Knox’s usual role in activities such as the one Dmitri was engaged in at that moment.

Initially, he’d intended to have Knox witness her being punished, but instead a surge of possessiveness and almost obsessiveness within him had caused Dmitri to nix the idea.

The first time she was disciplined, he wanted it to be just him and her.

It was more than establishing boundaries though. What was needed was to get her used to being controlled and used by him alone. That was something he hadn’t expected, but he would be damned if he’d go against that instinct.

Still, it threw him off somewhat, because it wasn’t how he’d usually operated within the pack. In the past when he’d had sexual encounters, while they weren’t with omegas obviously, they were intimate partners. And in his pack, they shared more than kinship and blood. He had no problem with his packmates watching or even sometimes taking a turn themselves, when he fucked a woman.

But he realized deep down that even that was probably part of what was different about his little mischievous agent, about having an omega. He couldn’t help but wonder too if his sudden territorial streak might be yet another indication that the female pinned down over his lap was much more than a mere omega.

Was it possible she could be his true mate?