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Given: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

I didn’t ask her to be my bride. It wasn’t up to her. She has always been mine. Stephanie Michaelson was given to me, and she is mine. The sooner she learns that, the less often her cute little bottom will end up well-punished and sore as she is reminded of her place. But even as she promises obedience with ...

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Under Viking Dominion by Ashe Barker

The last time Brenna saw Audun, the brute didn’t just spank her until she was sore and sobbing. He bared her, bound her, and set her helpless, quivering bottom on fire with his belt before bringing her to one desperately intense climax after another in spite of her blushing protests. Audun is a man from another age, a Viking warrior ...

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Surrender: A Mafia Billionaire Romance by Shanna Handel

I’m a grown woman, not a little girl in need of a chaperone… or a spanking. I came here to visit a friend, not to be manhandled by some Greek god. He had no business scolding me, let alone smacking my bottom right there in the street. So why did him threatening to take off his belt leave my panties ...

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Rough Road: A Bad Boy MC Romance by Maggie Carpenter

He’s the kind of man she shouldn’t want… and can’t stay away from. Portia Perry should never have let herself fall for a man like Dakota King. He’s not just a tough, dirty, rough-riding bad boy, he’s a brute who never hesitates to spank her hard and ravage her even harder. He’s also the head of a local biker club, ...

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Dream Daddy by Morganna Williams

Daisy Frazier is nervous about Jethro Morton’s plans for her. She knows the long, hard spanking the handsome police detective has in mind is exactly what she needs to reset her emotions after a painful breakup, but she also knows that when he’s done it won’t be just her bottom that’s sore… Jethro let Daisy slip through his fingers once ...

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Bounty: A Dark Romance by Piper Stone

She thought she could get the best of me. She got my belt instead. After I went undercover to take down a mob boss and ended up betrayed, framed, and on the run, Harper Rollins tried to bring me in. But instead of collecting a bounty, she earned herself a hard spanking and then an even rougher lesson that left ...

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Alien Property by Celeste Jones

I will breed her, but first I must tame her. Her people attacked my world, and they were defeated. Now this beautiful little human will be the spoils of war, taken as my mate in return for a promise to spare her planet from annihilation. She is mine to use as I please, but before she can be bred she ...

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His Naughty Little Superhero by Emily Tilton

Eighteen-year-old Susan Corday grew up thinking she was just an ordinary girl, but everything changed the morning she brought herself to a quivering, blushing climax for the first time. That was the day she discovered she could not only fly, but shake a building to its foundations with the raw power within her… power that can only be unlocked in ...

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Carnal: A Dark Shifter Romance by Piper Stone

She is forbidden, but that will not keep her from me. A beast takes his mate. For centuries my kind have hidden our feral nature, our brute strength, and our carnal instincts. But this human female is my mate, and nothing will keep me from claiming and ravaging her. She is mine to tame and protect, and if my belt ...

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