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Forced to Cooperate: A Dark Bratva Romance by Piper Stone

I’m going to make her pay. Then I’m going to make her mine. Willow Church is not the first person who tried to put a bullet in me. She’s just the first I let live. Now she will pay the price in the most shameful way imaginable. The stripes from my belt will teach her to obey, but what happens ...

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Under His Protection by Isabella Laase

Though she does her best to live the life of a spoiled, carefree twenty-three-year-old, Victoria Bradford has a problem: she’s the president’s daughter. Matters finally come to a head when she takes her daddy’s little princess antics too far and ends up earning herself a painful, embarrassing spanking over the knee of the stern, handsome Secret Service agent assigned to ...

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Her Shameful Wedding Night by Emily Tilton

When she is sent to a Selecta-affiliated clinic for a pre-marital examination, eighteen-year-old Zoe Ralston has no idea how humiliating the visit will be. Her embarrassment is only heightened by her inability to hide her helpless arousal—or the accompanying wet spot on her panties—as she is stripped and inspected, and to make matters worse, Zoe’s failure to cooperate fully with ...

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Wolflord Marks Two #1 Spots

Delta James‘ latest release, Wolflord: A Dark Shifter Romance, has claimed the #1 spots in Amazon’s Gothic Romances and Gothic Fiction categories, and it also reached the Top 10 in Fantasy & Futuristic Romance, Action & Adventure Romance, and Werewolves & Shifters Romance! Congratulations, Delta!

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Wolflord: A Dark Shifter Romance by Delta James

She fought him. He claimed her anyway. Ruari of Clan Dundalk knew Arielle was his mate as soon as he set eyes on her, but he had planned to court her properly. When she arrives in his lands as an uninvited stowaway, however, he decides it is time for this beautiful, headstrong female to be taught her place over his ...

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Harsh Daddy by Megan Michaels

When she suddenly finds herself in the mafia’s crosshairs, Charlotte Winslow is forcibly taken under the protection of Logan Marshall, a no-nonsense FBI contractor working undercover as a mechanic. More disturbing still, she quickly discovers that as long as she remains in his custody she will be calling him daddy and she will be soundly spanked for the slightest disobedience. ...

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