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Babygirl: A Dark Mafia Billionaire Romance by Korey Mae Johnson

One calls me Babygirl. The other calls me Pet. Both call me theirs.

I thought I was being clever, hiding out right under their noses, but Braum Vetter and Wilhelm Brunner caught me infiltrating their company. Then they made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

Now these stern, sexy billionaires own me, and they plan to make sure I know it. They’re going to strip me bare and spank me thoroughly for the slightest hint of defiance, then share and enjoy me as shamefully they please, ravaging me wherever, whenever, and however they choose.

But as I lay between them night after night wet, sore, and well-used, something is happening.

I’m not only starting to like having a daddy and a master. I’m starting to need it.

Now I just have to make these bastards do the one thing they’ve never done before.

Fall in love.

Publisher’s Note: Babygirl is a full-length romance novel that includes spankings, rough, intense sexual scenes, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Korey Mae Johnson

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 166,000 words


I swallowed and fell back into the word, saying it quickly, “Daddy, I…” I bit my lip. This was going to sound very cliché. “It’s not going to fit inside me.”

“Oh, it will fit,” he assured me, straight-faced. “You’re going to take Daddy’s cock just fine. One inch at a time. You’re ready.”

I highly doubted that. I would never be ready for a cock that big. Not in a day, at least! …Maybe after stretching? I reminded myself that physics were at stake, and physics couldn’t be talked into things. No, no; physics would surely announce that something big could not fit into something small, and it would be firm about it.

He cleared his throat like he was about to start a business meeting and grabbed my dress. “Arms up,” he ordered, and I raised them in confusion. He pulled my dress over my head and discarded it on the floor of the car, next to his shoes.

I had dropped my arms to close them over my bra, a shriek piercing the car. “Wait!”

If I had cuckooed instead, nothing would have changed about the expression he gave me. “I want to see all of you. You’re mine. Now get your arms away from your breasts.”

Now I was the one looking at him like he was nuts, and he was not as okay with the look as I was. “Now.”

“I can’t be naked! I’m in a car!” I looked at the windows to my left and right.

“And you are about to be spanked again in a car, Malyshka, because you cannot learn to do as you are told!” he informed me gruffly, and I gasped with the indignity of such an idea.

My hands still didn’t leave my bra. I didn’t think they could; it was as if they were held together with a magnetic force. “You can’t! I’m sore and bruised already, and we’re in a car.” I gestured behind me in case he hadn’t quite noticed yet. I wondered if he had lost it. I could barely sit in a car; I wasn’t going to make myself uncomfortable in one on top of that. It was ludicrous, not to mention pervy. There was a driver in the front seat, to say nothing else; surely he could hear us enough as it was.

He did not looked moved by my protest. He looked annoyed. “I am going to count to three, and—”

I cut his threat short. “How about three thousand? Would that get us to your house in time? Because right now, we’re—”

Braum moved several body parts at once, and gravity swung me down, off his lap, only to be grabbed before my nose hit the floor where I was resettled across his lap. I did not want to be here.

“—in a car!” I shouted at him, kicking my legs, hoping to make contact with his face.

I tried to spin myself around, so that I was belly up rather than belly-down, but he held me down with a strong arm.

“Don’t. You. Dare,” I hissed, trying to crane my head and send my best glare his way, but my position was bad and my head crane was awkward and futile.

He did dare. The sound of his hand hitting my ass sounded like a clap of thunder, and the feel took my breath away.