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Beast’s Claim: An Alpha Shifter Romance by Piper Stone

She didn’t ask to be mine. I took her anyway.

Raven is not one of my kind, but the moment I caught her scent I knew she belonged to me.

She is my mate, and when I claim her it will not be gentle. She can fight me, but her pleas for mercy as she is punished will soon give way to screams of climax as she is mounted and rutted.

By the time I am finished with her, the evidence of her body’s surrender will be mingled with my seed as it drips down her bare thighs. But she will be more than just sore and utterly spent.

She will be mine.



Publisher’s Note: Beast’s Claim is a stand-alone novel which is the second entry in the Alpha Beasts series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 78,000 words


As I caressed her bottom, she whimpered, her body tensing. When I slid my hand down the crack of her ass, she sucked in her breath.

The second I slipped my fingers between her swollen folds she shivered visibly. “So wet.”

“Yes,” she whispered, no longer fighting me, her dark urges requiring the same satisfaction.

I rubbed my fingers up to her clit, swirling the tip of one around the tender tissue, savoring her wafting scent as well as the way she thrust back her hips, her whimpers becoming purrs. When I smacked her pussy lips several times, she jerked forward, pulling against my hold on her hair.

“You will learn that you belong to me. Every inch of your body. Every hole. There is nowhere that you can run, no place you will be able to get away from me. I will. Hunt. You. Down.” I thrust several fingers into her tight channel, throwing my head back and roaring as her pussy clamped around the thick invasion.

I wanted to devour every inch of her, spending hours getting to know her beautiful body, but I was well aware our time together would be limited. We would need to develop a plan of action or the other Breeds would be terminated. And the others had to be freed. I’d seen firsthand the crippling effects of the drugs we’d all been given, several of the beasts even managing to attack some of the wretched visitors who heckled and ridiculed our captivity.

They had been exterminated for their savagery.

Their stench remained clawing at my insides.

I eased my fingers from her dripping mound, immediately sliding them into her tight asshole.

“Oh, God. Oh… What are you doing?” she demanded, her rebellious side remaining intact. She would soon learn that I was in charge, capable of providing pleasure or pain.

“Taking what belongs to me.” I pumped my fingers several times, flexing them open as the heat continued to build.

“Uh. Uh. Uh. Uh.” Moaning, she clawed the ground. Everything about this was filthy and sinful, exactly as I preferred.

Exactly as the beast demanded.

I could hold back no longer, my body riddled with a combination of pain and the kind of burning desire that sent shockwaves into every muscle in my body. I mounted her, shoving the entire length of my cock into her tight little pussy. Her muscles expanded, accepting the thickness, her body pushing back.



“Oh. Oh. Oh!” she screeched, her body shaking. As she arched her back, taking several deep breaths, the moan rumbling from the depths of her being floated between us.

“So tight. So wet,” I growled as I pulled almost all the way out, slamming into her once again, the force shoving us both toward the cave floor. I pumped several times in rapid succession, delighting in the way she attempted to meet every brutal plunge. Even her ragged breathing had changed, the tone becoming more guttural.


Every desire I’d ever experienced rushed to the surface, priming my beast. I became lost to the need to ravage her, unable to control my actions.

Her hunger increased, her actions becoming more savage as I fucked her, thrusting in brutal actions, driving into the very core of her.

“Oh. Oh, God…” Her words faded off, her entire body shimmering in the slice of moonlight, only further fueling the kind of dark hunger that could never be satisfied.

I could tell a climax was close, her entire body trembling, her breathing little more than shallow breaths.

“Come for me, little mate. Come on my cock.”

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