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Beautiful Seduction: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

He saved my life. Then he claimed me as his.

In my late-night hunt for the perfect pastry, I never expected to be the victim of a brutal attack… or for a brooding, blue-eyed stranger to become my savior, tending to my wounds while easing my fears. The electricity exploded between us, turning into a night of incredible passion.

Only later did I learn that Valentin Vincheti is the heir to the New York Italian mafia empire.

Then he came to take me, and this time he wasn’t gentle. I shouldn’t have surrendered, but with each savage kiss and stinging stroke of his belt his beautiful seduction became more difficult to resist. But when one of his enemies sets his sights on me, will my secrets put our lives at risk?

Publisher’s Note: Beautiful Seduction is a stand-alone novel which is the third entry in the Sinners and Saints series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 86,000 words


As I smacked her buttocks several times, she continued fighting, but her moans were a clear indication she was fully aroused, accepting the punishment knowing she deserved it. Her scent continued to fill my nostrils, driving me to a crazed point, my heart pounding into my ears.

I delivered six in rapid succession, craving to use my belt. Heat built in my fingertips and as I caressed her skin, my heart thudded.

“I’ll be good,” she muttered.

“Yes, you will.” I raked a single finger down the crack of her ass, longing to drive my cock into her dark little hole. That would come later. Then I resumed her spanking, developing a perfect rhythm, shifting from one side to the other. Her scent exploded, filling the room, the fragrance so damn sweet I wouldn’t be able to control myself much longer.

After continuing the round of discipline for a full minute, I slipped my hand between her legs, cupping her smooth mound and darting a finger around her clit. She clamped her hands around the comforter, stifling her whimpers.

“Still so wet for me, dolce angelo. I think you thrive on pain.”

“That’s crazy.”

“Mmm… I’m never wrong.”

She wasn’t nearly as nervous as before, but she continued to have soft whimpers laced with her hot breath. I pulled her over, immediately crawling onto the bed. The sight of her splayed out in front of me was a powerful draw, the savage deep inside encouraged to ravage her while the man wanted to take time exploring every inch.

But the hunger was too great.

I shifted my cock against her thigh, my balls pulsing from the ache that had started in the restaurant.

“You’re too big,” she moaned, pushing hard against me.

“Don’t worry, my sweet angel. You’re wet enough to handle me.” I brushed my fingertips along her stomach, teasing her by rolling them down her pussy. She turned her head to the side, pinching her eyes closed.

I yanked her leg to the side and forced her knee against the bed, roughly dragging my fingers along her calf to her thigh. The moment she pressed her hands against my chest, all patience was lost. I thrust the entire length of my cock inside, throwing back my head as the explosive sensations powered into me. The feel of having her underneath me was unlike anything I’d experienced, pushing the boundaries as well as my needs.

“Oh!” She fisted my hair with one hand, writhing under me as I pushed the full weight of my body against hers.

Potrei devastarti per giorni, angelo, portandoti all’estasi,” I whispered.

I could ravage you for days, angel, driving you to ecstasy.

The words spoken in my native language were the truth. I could spend days taking her to new heights of pleasure and it still wouldn’t be enough. I was a man without a conscience and fucking her was already one of my greatest joys. I should feel guilt for destroying the very innocence I’d craved, the flickering moment of uncertainty not something I was used to.

I pulled out, easing onto my arms and staring down at her. “Look at me, sweet angel.”

She acted as if she wouldn’t obey, her eyes clenched shut, her lower lip trembling. She had enough guilt for both of us, trying to pretend as if this moment didn’t exist, as if she could go back to her normal, happy, boring life.

That was impossible.