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Beautiful Villain: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

What he wants, he keeps… whether the Irish mafia likes it or not.

When I knocked on Kirill Sabatin’s door, I didn’t know he was the Kozlov Bratva’s most feared enforcer. I didn’t expect him to be the most terrifyingly sexy man I’ve ever laid eyes on either…

I told him off for making so much noise in the middle of the night, but if the crack of his palm against my bare bottom didn’t wake everyone in the building my screams of climax certainly did.

I shouldn’t have let him spank me, let alone seduce me. He’s a dangerous man and I could easily end up in way over my head. But the moment I set eyes on those rippling, sweat-slicked muscles I knew I needed that beautiful villain to take me long and hard and savagely right then and there.

And he did.

Now I just have to hope him claiming me doesn’t start a mob war…

Publisher’s Note: Beautiful Villain is a stand-alone novel which is the first entry in the Sinners and Saints series. It includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 84,000 words


When she looked over her shoulder, I could see trepidation in her eyes. She knew what was next. Rules were meant to be obeyed. I dragged her closer to the edge, shoving one of the pillows under her stomach and gently pushing her down.

“I won’t lie to you again,” Candy said in a much demurer voice than she’d used before.

“No, you won’t. I think the use of my belt will help you remember.”

She threw her head over her shoulder again, glaring at me. Good. She was finally accepting that I wasn’t some lover she’d picked up on the street but a man who required rules to be followed at all times.

I grabbed my trousers, yanking the belt from the loops. She never took her eyes off me, nor did she whimper even once. Everything about the woman surprised me, including her refusal to give into her fear. She had to be out of her mind with terror, yet since arriving here, she’d acted as if the incident had been no big deal.

She had no way of understanding that men like Rory and his buddies would likely never have let her go. They weren’t playing a game any more than the Bratva were. Still, something nagged at me, pulling on my sixth sense.

I’d find answers by the time noon crawled into the sky.

Or else.

I slapped the strap once before folding the leather in my hand. Her breathing was heavy, her face pinched as she stared at it.

“We’ll start with twenty tonight.”

She turned her head away, muttering under her breath. She was the kind of girl who refused to back down to anyone. Another trait I admired. I rubbed my hand from one cheek to the other, marveling in the feel of her soft skin against my rough fingers.

Then I took a step back, snapping the belt across the width of her bottom.

“Oh, fuck,” she moaned, kicking her legs several times. “You’re a bastard.”

I couldn’t help but smile. Her nasty words turned me on, my cock already rising to the occasion. I cracked the belt across her bottom twice more, regaling from the slight blush already creeping up on her dazzling unblemished skin. The bastard in me wanted her to wear my marks. Hell, I’d love to tattoo her with my name, so every man knew she belonged to me. The thought was sinful and arousing, but not possible.

“I hate you.” While she issued the words, she closed her eyes, a moan escaping.

“Good. Keep hating me, Candy. That’s what will keep you alive.”

She bristled, my words obviously startling her. I brought the belt down again.

And again.

Her cries of pain shifted into ones of pleasure, her pussy glistening from building desire. When I eased my hand from one side of her bottom to the other, she shivered.

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