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Big Bad Daddy by Morganna Williams

Her scent told him she was his mate. Her blushes told him she was his little girl.

Dax Trace came to Wolf Creek to meet his long-lost brother, not to find a mate for himself, but the moment he set eyes on Layla Haynes they both knew she was his to claim.

But taming this sassy little wolf will require more than an alpha’s mark and his knot.

Layla needs more than just a man who will bare her bottom, spank her until she is sobbing, and then show her just how shamefully naughty little teases should be punished, mounted, and rutted.

She needs a daddy.


Publisher’s Note: Big Bad Daddy is the second entry in the Wolf Creek Daddies series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Morganna Williams

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 37,200 words


She barely had time to react to the first lash when the next belt stroke fell directly on top of the first. Layla couldn’t help wagging her hips in an effort to avoid the next stroke, but it landed unerringly on the exact same spot. “Please somewhere else, Daddy… please!”

The fourth stroke fell on top of the first three, but thankfully the fifth cracked just below on the top of her thighs. Her relief was of course short lived since the sixth and seventh strokes landed right on top of the fifth. By the time the eighth stroke fell, she was no longer fighting the pain but had relaxed into her position. “I’m sorry, Daddy.”

“I imagine you are. Stick your ass out and spread your legs.”

Layla whimpered but did exactly as she was told.

“I thought I was saving this for another day, but since you can’t seem to stay out of trouble today, maybe this will help remind you to behave.”

She gasped when she felt him spread her ass cheeks wide. Then he drizzled something cold and wet on her asshole.

Heat filled her face at the idea of anyone seeing something so personal. Then she felt the tip of something thick pressing against her most private hole. Gasping, Layla pulled away and tried to tuck her butt forward.

Dax immediately caught her around the waist and delivered ten sharp slaps to her sit spots where the belt had already branded its impression. “Now you bend back over and this time you hold your bottom cheeks open for me so I can see that pretty hole that I am about to plug.”

Layla gave a whiney wail but did exactly as Dax had instructed. She was mortified that she was being spanked and plugged out in the open where anyone could walk up and see, but she also felt the telltale slick of her arousal on her inner thighs.

It was shocking to think that something so embarrassing could turn her on, but she knew most wolves were exhibitionists at heart. She just never thought having her bottom stuffed with a plug in the car park would get her motor running.

She couldn’t hold back the shiver of excitement when she reached back and caught a hold of her bottom cheeks and pulled them apart for her daddy.

“Good girl. Someday I’ll fuck this little hole when you’ve been naughty.” His words made more moisture leak from her core as she felt the fat tip of the butt plug press against her tight hole again. She whimpered as it pressed in and out several times before the tip slipped past the ring of muscle.

A low moan escaped her when he began working the plug deeper into her ass and then started fucking her with it. “Oh, God… shit!” A firm hand pressed down on her back, forcing her ass up higher.

He began driving the plug all the way in then pulling it out again and slamming it back inside. All the while she held her ass cheeks open for him. He fucked her little hole hard and soon she was pressing her ass back to meet every inward thrust. Then he seated the plug with a little twist.

Dax straightened away from her. “Pull your pants up.”

Layla stood up, gasping a little at the way the plug shifted in her ass every time she moved. She watched while Dax cleaned his hands with a rag and some hand sanitizer. Then he walked up to her and tipped her face up to his.

She stood there looking at him while he studied her face.

“You like the idea of Daddy fucking that tight little hole and knotting it, don’t you?”

A flood of heat filled her pussy at the question and her clit was throbbing. “Yes, Daddy.”