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Big Rig: A Rough Romance by Piper Stone

In the Marines they called me Big Rig. She’ll just call me sir.

Alexis Harding is used to telling men exactly what she thinks, but she’s never had a roughneck like me as a boss before. On my rig, I make the rules and sassy little girls get stripped bare, bent over my desk, and taught their place, first with my belt and then in a much more shameful way.

She’ll be sore and sorry long before I’m done with her, but the arousal glistening on her thighs reveals the truth she would rather keep hidden. She needs it rough, and that’s how she’ll get it.




Publisher’s Note: Big Rig is a stand-alone sequel to Roughneck. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 84,000 words


As he pumped in several times, every thrust harder than the one before, I lost all ability to speak or even think clearly. I was lying naked on a cold, hard desk amidst piles of paperwork being fucked by a stranger.

In the ass.

Everything became a blur as he finger fucked my dark hole, twisting and turning his fingers.

“Good girl.” Riley patted me on the ass after removing his fingers, forcing me to hold my breath. I knew what was coming next.

A promise fulfilled.

Taking my virgin asshole.

“Keep your pretty cheeks open for me, sweetheart. We’re not done by a longshot.” His instructions were barely audible, but I heard every word, my mind fighting against obeying him.

But I did.

I’d never been so open, so exposed and even as a chill shifted down the back of my legs, the heat between them continued to build.

He gripped my hip with one hand, his breathing as ragged as mine. When he slipped his cock into my tight channel, I couldn’t hold back the strangled moan. He filled me completely, stretching my pussy walls until I ached, so aroused that my legs were shaking. But he didn’t stop there.

A guttural growl pushed past his lips, floating in the air around me as he slid his cockhead to my darkened hole, pushing the tip further inside.

“That’s just a taste of what you’ll get if you follow the rules. This is what happens to bad little girls.” Even though he moved slowly, allowing my muscles to grow used to his thickness and length, my breath was ripped away.

I clawed my fingers up the desk, grasping for anything to hold onto. The pain was blinding at first, much like the harsh whipping had been. Every part of me was on fire, scintillated, goosebumps popping along every inch of naked skin.

“Oh. Oh. Oh.” I was completely incoherent as he continued pushing. Once he was fully seated inside, I tried desperately to control my breathing. The scent of him became more intoxicating than before, filling my nostrils then jetting into every red blood cell. It was as if he was infusing his very being into mine.

Riley held the stance, his cock twitching deep inside of me.

As the anguish began to subside, something amazing happened, the sensations becoming incredible, tingling all over. I fell into a lull, floating on some level of nirvana. How could anything so sinful feel this incredible?

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