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Biker Daddy by Kara Kelley

Ten years ago, Drew Trigger broke Addi Moore’s heart. It was the only way to keep the beautiful teenager safe from his father’s brutal biker club. But now Addi has lost the man who always looked out for her, and Drew is all she has left. She needs him like a little girl needs her daddy, and he isn’t going to let her go again. This time he’ll give her exactly what she needs.

At first, Addi doesn’t recognize the bearded, heavily tattooed biker she feuds with during the preparations for her uncle’s funeral, but then the burly, bare-chested brute’s eyes give him away. It is Drew, the first boy she ever kissed, now all grown up and threatening to take her over his knee if she doesn’t control her temper. She should hate him, not long to be held in his arms…

Drew isn’t taking no for an answer. He intends to shield Addi from both his father and her own reckless behavior, even if that means baring her bottom and spanking her until she learns to obey her daddy. But making her his means putting her at risk, and once he has claimed her he’ll need to be more vigilant than ever. How far will he be prepared to go to protect his little girl?

Publisher’s Note: Biker Daddy includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Kara Kelley

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 71,500 words


He took her hand when she complied and led her to the bed, still crumpled from them sleeping in it. He sat and nodded to the floor. “Kneel down and I’ll brush your hair.” He ran the brush through her locks and the gentle tugging on her scalp made her feel languid.

“Up you get now, babe,” he said and patted his thigh. “Let’s get you over my knee.”

She set herself over, closing her eyes as her breasts fell heavily.

“You okay, honey?”

She nodded and he tapped her thigh with the brush hard enough to make her squeak.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Better. You were a naughty girl tonight, weren’t you?”

“I guess.”

He swatted her thigh harder and she lurched forward on his lap, feeling her balance waver. His big hand pulled her hip closer to his abdomen, securing her.

“Yes, I was naughty!”

“How, baby girl?”

“I broke into my uncle’s cabin.”

“A cabin that I forbid you to go into, yes?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Because it isn’t safe, yeah?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“And you gave me your trust to take care of you, right? To care for you, protect you, and punish you if I see fit?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Then, are you ready? This won’t be a sexy spanking, babe. It’s gonna hurt.”

She nodded and peeked at his hand rising over her bottom in the mirror of her dressing table across from them.


He stopped, noticing her in the mirror, and looked her in the eye. “Give me your hand, baby girl.” She reached back to give it to him. “Daddy’s got you.” He smiled at her and let his arm fall. The spank was crisp, loud and shockingly solid, the sting so much more biting than his hand, especially on her still damp skin.

“Ouch!” she hissed.

“Uh huh. I’m pretty sure you’ll remember to obey me after this.” He smirked at her through the mirror and despite the burn on her butt, she smiled back. God, he was a hot biker daddy. “Now let’s get this spanking going, young lady. You need to squirm on my lap before you wiggle under me.”

Before she could come completely undone by his words, the brush was searing her backside again—this time without pause. He obviously believed in swift correction, because it wasn’t like his other spankings, the more sensual ones. She called out, squeezed his hand, kicked, and burst into tears as the burn and sting overwhelmed her.

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