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Blush for Daddy by Sara Fields

“Please spank me, Daddy. Please make it hurt.”

Only a ruthless bastard would make an innocent virgin say those words when she came to him desperate for help, then savor every quiver of her voice as she begs for something so shameful.

I didn’t even hesitate.

I made Keri Esposito’s problems go away. Then I made her call me daddy.

The image of that little bottom bare over my lap was more than I could resist, and the thought of her kneeling naked at my feet to thank me properly afterwards left me as hard as I’ve ever been.

Maybe I’m a monster, but I saw the wet spot on her panties before I pulled them down.

She didn’t come to my door just for the kind of help only a powerful billionaire could offer.

She came because she needed me to make her blush for daddy.

Publisher’s Note: Blush for Daddy includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Sara Fields

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 62,000 words


“Ask Daddy to spank you, little girl. Ask Daddy to make it hurt,” he demanded, and a frisson of fear hurtled through me with wild abandon. His words felt so real, but maybe this was what he liked. Even now, his hard cock pushed against my hip. There was no doubt in my mind that he was just as turned on as I was.

“Please spank me, Daddy. Please make it hurt,” I murmured. My entire body was trembling, and my blush deepened. Being made to ask for my punishment only seemed to heighten my arousal. Not only that, but it also made me focus on exactly what was to come.

His palm smacked my bottom. Twice on either side and I gasped. The sound was like a gunshot, echoing loudly all around me, so much louder than I thought it would be.

“Wait. Please. Someone might hear,” I screeched, but his hand closed on my hip and held me in place just as I was beginning to scramble off his lap.

“My staff are used to the sound of a naughty little girl being properly punished over Daddy’s knee, little girl. Tonight is going to be no different,” he answered, and I squeaked in surprise.

“Please!” I gasped. “Let me up!”

“Do you want me to invite them in the room to watch, little girl?”

“No,” I blurted, biting my lip hard with mortification.

“Answer me properly, little girl,” he warned.

“No, Daddy,” I rushed to say, feeling my face flush much hotter than ever.

He smacked my ass several more times and the resulting sting caught me off guard. To be honest, the first few had been more of a shock and hadn’t actually hurt. My nervousness rattled through me and I couldn’t help but squirm a bit over his lap.

He was simply enjoying his fantasy. That’s all this was, right? Fantasy? He was just getting what he wanted to get his rocks off and then this all would end in his bed.

I told myself that again and again, but it did nothing to quell the fact that this felt like a very real punishment over his knee.

His palm cracked harder against the lower curve of my bottom and I gasped audibly.

“Sometimes Daddy has to be firm with a naughty little girl, doesn’t he?” he said softly.

“Yes, Daddy.” This time, my answer was almost automatic. It was as if the words were meant to fall off my lips. Maybe they were supposed to. I felt so unsure of everything that I began to question the soundness of my own mind.

He spanked me a little bit harder after that, enough to where the mild initial pain began to build into something much more intense. Each strike of his hand was like the sting of a massive bee, except multiplied by a least a hundred and they were only growing even more powerful. I tried to twist from side to side as the ache built, but his hold on my hip was strong and I soon realized that I wasn’t going anywhere even if I wanted to.

“Wait. It hurts,” I pleaded.

“You were naughty, little girl. You’ve earned a hard spanking over Daddy’s knee,” he scolded, and my pussy clenched down hard in response. Even as my fear strengthened, my arousal did too, and I could do nothing to stop it.

I must be crazy. There must be something wrong with me to have wanted this.

“That’s enough. You’ve made your point,” I squealed.

He chuckled and didn’t answer me for several moments. Instead, he used his palm to tell me exactly what he thought of my protests.

“Daddy is going to spank this bare little bottom bright red, little girl. You are being punished and Daddy is going to decide when you’ve had enough. Not you,” he finally replied.

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