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Bought and Trained by Emily Tilton

Already divorced at twenty five years old, Rose Hutchison is desperate to explore her longing to be utterly dominated. When she hears of a program that trains concubines while also paying them handsomely, Rose signs documents consenting to a process that will temporarily erase the memory of her agreement to undergo the training, leaving her free to explore her fantasies of complete submission without any hindrance.

Once the process is complete, a case-agent for the concubine program seizes Rose and brings her back as a captive to the Institute, where she meets her training partner, Hannah. Over the course of the next month, Rose learns that obedience is not optional and that defiance will result in ever more humiliating punishments.

When Rose’s training is complete, she and Hannah are informed that they have been bought by a master and mistress, and the girls are brought back to the couple’s villa in the Caribbean. Rose and Hannah thrive in their new roles, but when a traumatic experience causes Rose’s memory of her consent to come flooding back, will her realization that she wanted all of this from the beginning bring everything crashing down?

Publisher’s Note: Bought and Trained is an erotic novel that includes extensive BDSM content, spankings, anal play, graphic sexual scenes, exhibitionism, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton
eBook Price: $4.95
Word Count: 66,000


“Tell me, Rose, what do you think happens to girls who lie to me?”

“They get spanked,” she whispered.

“Good girl,” he said. “Now do you want to save yourself a spanking by telling me the truth about how wet you are?”

“Oh my God,” she said. “I… I can’t…”

“Last chance,” Leo said. “Is your pussy wet, Rose?”

“Yes,” she whispered, “but… but that doesn’t mean I want any of this.”

“Oh, I know,” Leo said. “It will be quite a while before you want this. Or, let me put that another way. It will be quite a while before you tell me that you want this. Really, it will be quite a while before you can tell yourself that you want it. For now, all that I’m looking for is for you to be a good girl.”

He untied her.

“Do you remember what you’re supposed to do now, Rose?” he asked.

She nodded. “Do I have to?”

“Yes, Rose, if you want to be a good girl for me you have to.”

She stood up from the chair, her jeans still around her thighs, exposing the sexy lace panties even more fully to Leo’s admiring view. Leo sat on the couch, not taking his eyes off her. He had wanted to see her without her clothing since the first time her photo had crossed his desk. Trembling, and unable to look at him, of course, she pulled her pink T-shirt over her head, and dropped it to the floor.

She was wearing a cute little lace bra to match the panties. Her breasts were, as most of the Institute’s clients preferred, on the small side, but definitely distinct and very pert.

“Lovely,” Leo murmured. Rose’s eyes flashed up to meet his just for a moment. She blushed crimson, instantly, and lowered her eyes again.

“Take the bra off now, Rose,” Leo said. He watched her reach her hands behind to unhook it, and then couldn’t suppress a little sound of arousal in his own throat, when she shrugged the bra off and onto the floor, and he could see the lovely pink and white curves of her breasts, with their little pink nipples surmounting them, bouncing just the tiniest bit with the motion of removing the bra.

She heard the sound, and it seemed to send a shudder through her.

“Even lovelier,” Leo commented. “Lower those sexy panties now, please.”

Rose’s hands moved to the waistband, and her fingers began to tug downward, but then she stopped.

“I can’t…” she said. “I want… I want to be a…” She gulped, and her brow furrowed in the battle against herself that Leo knew was raging inside. She whispered, “I want to be a good girl, but… please don’t make me take off my panties.”

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