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Bound to Two Top 100s


Emily Tilton’s newest release, Bound and Initiated, is sitting pretty on Amazon’s Top 100 lists for BDSM Erotica and Erotic Suspense. Congratulations, Emily!

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★★★★★ SH @ “A scorcher!” on August 24, 2015
This book pulled me in from page one as I was intrigued by the CIA angle but as the book continued it was apparent the score was going to be Secret Organization 1 and CIA 0. And believe me that is exactly what needed to happen to give Sarah her HEA and the process that she went through to get to that point is so hot and steamy you will not want to put the book down until you finish! Another scorcher from Ms. Tilton! But really, did you expect anything different?!

★★★★★ T. Cimonetti @ “from bounding to plodding” on August 26, 2015
Fascinating, exciting, amusing with a delightful fusion of Latin words and phrases with English and as well as fusion of drawn-out dominant/submissive activities and experiences with oral, anal and vulvar sex. It gets wordy, even ponderous, at times with it’s tale of what makes ‘civilization.’

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