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Broken for Him by Emily Tilton

Since becoming prime minister of Omislava after the death of her father, twenty-seven-year-old Zaria Gorsky has lived in fear of two things. Losing her country to the corrupt minister of energy and losing control of her body to the first man strong enough to give her exactly what she needs.

Pretorian Guard operative Bradley Porter intends to prevent the former by means of the latter, and when he makes his move Zaria soon finds herself sore, sobbing, and helplessly aroused as she is bared, punished, and made to pleasure her new master in the back of her own limousine.

She will remain her nation’s leader, but Zaria will surrender herself not only to Bradley’s plan to save her country but to every shameful use he has in mind for his beautiful, blushing captive.

When his mission is complete, she will not just belong to him. She will be broken for him.

Publisher’s Note: Broken for Him is a stand-alone book which is the ninth entry in the Bound for Service series, which shares the same near-future setting as The Institute Series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Emily Tilton

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 48,000 words


He spoke practically into Zaria’s ear, now, as he bent toward her blonde head, which moved almost rhythmically back and forth with the girl’s increasingly feeble struggles.

“You can take down your pants and your panties for me, and show me you’re beginning to learn, and you’re ready to accept the punishment you’ve earned, and to thank me properly afterward. Or I can take them down for you, and spank you until you’re ready to suck my cock.”

The sudden stiffness in her body, along with the shudder that had gone through her as Bradley had said the word panties, told him that she understood how her choice had changed, and how much more terrible it had become.

Zaria’s panties, the assessors had determined, represented a crucial element in her personal constellation of sexual fantasy. Unable to see into her thoughts, they couldn’t tell Bradley exactly what the girl’s underwear meant to her, but their importance seemed undeniable from the way she always wore them when sleeping alone and never wore them when sleeping with her male bimbos.

That fact had, in the team’s judgment, confirmed an otherwise unsubstantiated rumor that Zaria had broken up with a film star often called ‘the world’s most attractive man,’ because he had tried to take her panties down. Not for a spanking or anything even vaguely dominant or disciplinary—the movie star had simply wanted to fuck her, as what straight man wouldn’t?

Bradley had just given her a terrible dilemma: if she resisted, he would take down her panties. She could do it herself, if she gave her kidnapper the sign he had asked for that she would obey him despite the humiliation of what he had demanded.

The limo stopped. “We’re here, Perses,” said Greg Stark over the intercom.

Zaria gave a little cry, and attempted another twist out of Bradley’s grasp, to no avail.

“Let me go,” she hissed. “I’ll… I’ll give you so much money.”

Bradley ignored her completely for the moment, only tightening his left arm’s hold across her back as he responded to his nymphobus.

“Fine. You can step out of the car and just keep watch until I’m ready to bring her into the house. She’s got a spanking coming.”

The young prime minister responded to the definitive tone in his voice with a cry of protest and a renewed struggle to break free. In the taut muscles beneath the expensive fabric of her elegantly tailored pantsuit Bradley could feel the dual conflict she faced, inside her mind and her imagination: the harder she tried to fight him, the less she had to pay attention to the war going on between her rational mind and her body’s needs—but that resistance to both Bradley and to herself had a price, and Zara would start paying it right now.

He held her down firmly, and he unbuttoned the waist of her trousers and pulled down the zipper in a single practiced movement. Zaria cried out again.

Nyet… please, no.”

But Bradley used the position of his right hand to cup the girl’s pussy through the modest cotton panties he had known from the assessors’ report to expect. He took hold of her there firmly, with two fingers pressing down between the slim thighs he felt tremble at his hand’s presence. He used the movement of the rest of his body, though, to make the contact seem an incidental part of his positioning her for her spanking.

Zaria’s plea became a sob, deep in her throat, as her hips bucked in a new way over Bradley’s knee.

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