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Broken Princess: A Dark Romance by Loki Renard

One day she will rule, but first she must be broken.

Locked away in her tower, Princess Aya spent years hiding from the truth as her people suffered terribly under her uncle’s tyrannical reign. Now she will pay the shameful price for her silence…

Awakened by the cries of the oppressed, Kazriel will not rest until things are made right. But putting Aya on the throne is only the beginning. Before he allows her to rule, the princess must be stripped bare and mastered so thoroughly she will never forget how it feels to be powerless.

Naked, bound, and at his mercy, she will scream and beg as her helpless, quivering body is put on display and tormented with pain and pleasure, then claimed so publicly she may never stop blushing. She is not just going to be humbled, punished, and ravaged. She is going to be broken.


Publisher’s Note: Broken Princess includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Loki Renard

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$3.95

Length: 44,600 words


Aya whined and cried out, all her regal dignity stripped away as she was pinned down on the bed and spanked soundly, her bottom reddened from middle of cheek to mid-thigh, all the generals watching her fall from pride with expressions ranging from kindly tolerance to hunger.

“Spread your legs,” Kazriel ordered. “Lift your pussy for me, Princess.”

With her ass impossibly hot, Aya had no choice but to do as she was told. Kazriel was just as impossible to cross as a man as he had been as a god. And now that he no longer had his immortal powers, all his lessons were taught in the flesh.

He took a fist hold of her long hair and pulled her hair back. “Wider,” he insisted. “Your sex is nothing to be ashamed of. I will fill this belly of yours with my seed time and time again and many will see it. You will be fucked where and when I please. Your cunt is mine, do you understand?”

He punctuated the question by slamming his cock inside her, the head penetrating her pussy, the hard shaft stretching her walls with a determination and discipline that made her cunt submit easily. She was already wet, soaked with shame as he started to fuck her, rocking her hips back on his rod, using the grasp on her hair to guide her down on his dick.

She found herself obeying him, her cunt claimed, her pride in tatters along with her gown as he gave her a good stern fucking. When he was close to coming, he pulled out and spent his seed not inside her, but across her spanked bottom, hot ropes of royal god seed landing across her heated flesh.

“Naughty princess,” he chided, rubbing a drop of cum against her clit with his two fingers. “Thank the generals for watching.”

“Oh, my…” she gasped. “I can’t…”

“You can, Aya. And you will, or this won’t be a nice little orgasm you have.” He tightened his fingers on her clit and rubbed firmly, making her gasp and writhe.

“Thank you,” she moaned, not making eye contact with any of them, her entire body flushed hot red. “Thank you for watching me be fucked.”

“Good girl,” Kazriel praised her. “Now tell them you hope they liked seeing your wet little pussy filled, and you hope they will come see you again.”

The words were even more humiliating, but the fingers at her pussy made them easy to say. “I hope you like my pussy,” she moaned, her hips grinding a dirty motion.

“You have a very nice cunt,” one of the generals commented, an older man with gray in his beard and scars across his face. “A tight little hole to grip your king’s cock nicely.”

“Yes,” one of the younger men agreed. “I’ve had tavern wenches who weren’t so pretty when they were being fucked.”

“She would be a brothel favorite,” a third man agreed. “Those soft creamy breasts look like the perfect resting place for a good hard cock, and that pretty bow mouth of hers, I’d have that pouting around my dick…”

This was disrespectful, carnal conversation, but Kazriel encouraged both them and Aya, his fingers scooping out his cum and then pushing it inside her mouth so she sucked it off.

“Sire, you might do well to fuck her ass,” one of the generals suggested. “A girl with a cock in her rectum rarely argues. It might teach her to obey more quickly next time.”

“A fine idea,” Kazriel agreed. He pulled his fingers away from her pussy and picked up a pitcher of oil, drizzling it over her cum-soaked ass. He used his cock to gather cum and oil alike, and then push the head of his hardness against the tighter bud of her bottom.

She felt the tightness and the sting of her ass stretching. Her blush was so furious she thought she might faint as Kazriel eased his thickness into her bottom a little at a time, breaching the boundary of her ass with a short but powerful thrust that made her yowl like a kitten.

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