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Brutal Heir: A Dark Mafia Romance by Piper Stone

The evening started with dinner in Paris. It ended with me as his captive.

When I went to an author convention, I didn’t expect to find myself enjoying a rooftop meal with the sexiest cover model in the business, let alone screaming his name in bed later that night.

I didn’t plan to be targeted by assassins, rushed to a helicopter under cover of armed men, and then spirited away to his home country with my bottom still burning from a spanking either, but it turns out there are some really important things I didn’t know about Diavolo Montoya…

Like the fact that he’s the heir to a notorious crime syndicate.

I should hate him, but even as his prisoner our connection is too intense to ignore, and I’m beginning to realize that what began as a moment of passion is going to end with me as his.


Publisher’s Note: Brutal Heir includes spankings and rough, intense sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Piper Stone

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 90,000 words


I pulled her down onto my cock slowly, unable to keep from moaning from the way her pussy muscles expanded, the heat and warmth stealing my breath.

I cupped her breasts, my grip firm, the sensations coursing through me boosting my hunger. My vision was clouded, my desire only continuing to increase.

“Ride me, belleza. Ride me hard.”

Valentina lifted her chin, her lips pursing as she bucked hard against me, pressing her knees against my sides. Every sound she made added to the yearning, every slight toss of her head pulling me further into the moment of passion. Even as I pinched her nipples, twisting them until she cried out, my desires only continued to increase.

She bucked against me, rising onto her knees, her smile provocative. When I yanked her down, she issued several strangled moans. Everything about her was intoxicating, so much so I found it difficult to breathe around her.

I’d wanted to slit Emmanuel’s throat for disparaging her, yanking out his black heart with my fist. I would exact my revenge on him when the time was right. Until then, I’d be forced to live with the card I’d been dealt.

If he dared attempt to betray me on the mission tonight, I would crucify him in the same courtyard where he instructed the soldiers to beat me.

The insanely gorgeous woman managed to drag my attention away from the past, still able to see her striking blue eyes even as twilight started to fall. I couldn’t take it any longer, needing to use every hole, to ensure she fully understood she was mine.

As I pushed Valentina away, forcing her onto her stomach, I had to face the fact the brutality that I’d been taught from the age of six had stayed with me. The need for violence had festered in its sleep. Now it was clawing at the surface, threatening to make me into an exact duplicate of my father. I still had the desire to beat the shit out of Emmanuel, the need so intense every muscle was tense.

When she started to crawl away, I reacted badly, snatching her hair then yanking her back. As I leaned over, blowing a swath of hot air against her neck, she whimpered.

“You do not run from me, mi belleza.” I smacked her on the bottom several times, the sound bursting into my eardrums. She shuddered from my ferocity, fisting the comforter.

Our connection was explosive, all consuming. I straddled her legs, pulling them apart by a few inches before pushing my cock tip into her wetness. Valentina pushed up from the bed, throwing her head over her shoulder. I adored every sound she made, the sultry mews that drove me insane.

I thrust hard and fast several times, my balls aching. As I pulled out, pushing my cockhead against her darkened hole, she tensed, gasping for air.

The moment I pressed my hand against the small of her back, her breathing slowed. I closed my eyes as I pushed in an inch at a time, controlling my brutal needs. When I was fully seated inside, I threw my head back, gasping for air as her muscles clamped around my shaft like a tight vise. Being buried inside of her was utter perfection, pushing me to limits I’d never anticipated experiencing.

I pulled out for a few seconds then slammed into her again, beads of sweat forming along my hairline. As I bent my leg, shoving my foot into the bedding, she wiggled several times, every moan more strangled than the one before. There was nothing tender about the way I fucked her, thrusting hard and fast, driving her lithe body into the bed.