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Brutal Royal: A Mafia Bully Romance by Tessa Morgan

He can use me as shamefully as he pleases… and he knows it.

Owen Dalton is a brute who thinks that no matter how roughly he manhandles me, when he pins me to the wall and rips my panties off he’ll always find me soaking wet and ready for him.

But the worst part isn’t that he’s a bully. It’s that he’s right.

He’s the heir to a powerful mafia family, so even if he wasn’t such an asshole I should have stayed far away, never letting him see how easily my body yields to his every whim and desire.

But I can’t help myself.

With each new humiliation, my need for him only grows more intense, more desperate.

Just like he knew it would.

Publisher’s Note: Brutal Royal includes spankings, rough sexual scenes, intense and humiliating punishments, and strong D/s themes. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Author: Tessa Morgan

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$4.95

Length: 82,000 words


I barely have time to draw a proper breath before Owen drags me to my feet. He stares at me for a long moment before crushing his mouth against mine.

I gasp into the violent kiss, going onto tiptoes to press harder against him. My entire body starts throbbing in time with the aching lashes on my ass. Owen turns, keeping our lips locked as he sinks onto the window seat.

There’s a moment where I hesitate, because going down with him will mean sitting on his lap, and his dick is still out… but then he nips at my lower lip and murmurs, “Riding my cock won’t hurt as much as the belt. But I promise, Evie, it’ll be punishment enough.”

I slide onto my knees, our kiss intensifying as he drags me onto his lap.

He leaves one hand in my hair, but the other he trails over the lashes on my ass. I gasp into our kiss, and he growls as if commanding me to be quiet.

When he gives me a hard squeeze, I’m instantly back on that stratospheric high from moments ago.

“Oh, God,” I groan against his mouth. I push my ass out, my body shuddering as he massages my sore flesh.

I start squirming against his cock, trying to gain enough friction so I can come. But I’m too slippery down there, so I just end up moaning with frustration like an amateur porn star.

“Are you trying to make yourself come?” he asks lightly.

“No,” I groan sullenly.

“Are you lying to me, toy?”

I try to kiss him into silence, to get his mind off what I’m trying to do, but he turns his face away with a quiet chuckle.

“Bad girl. Sucking my cock when I told you not to.” He slides his hand down, dragging his fingers over my soaked pussy. “Trying to come without permission.”

I lift my hips, pushing back against his hand. “But I’m so close,” I whisper into his neck.

He presses a finger against my asshole, and my body stiffens. He shifts under me, and I rise onto my knees as he lifts his cock up between my legs. But I can only go so far without standing, so I have no choice but to let him rub himself against my pussy.

“There’s only one way I’m making you come, toy,” he murmurs as his cock threatens to force its way into my pussy. “And that’s with me filling up both of these tight little holes.”