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Brutally His: A Dark Billionaire Romance by Zoe Blake and Alta Hensley

She was mine for the taking. So I did.

When I walked in on my beautiful new assistant changing outfits in my executive office’s personal bathroom, I did what any ruthless billionaire in my place would have done. I kissed her.


Then, with her wrist held firmly to keep her from slapping me again, I told her about the spanking she’d earned, all while I bared her and tasted what I’d already decided was mine.

But it wasn’t until I bent her over my desk and made her scream my name with every brutal climax that she began to truly understand what it means to belong to a bastard like me.


Dive deep into a world of forbidden romances and hidden truths in this gripping series by the dynamic duo of USAT Bestselling authors Zoe Blake and Alta Hensley.

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Authors: Zoe Blake and Alta Hensley

eBook Price: Kindle Unlimited/$5.99

Length: 89,100 words


I pushed the wide plug between her lips and rolled it over her tongue. “Good girl. Get it nice and wet because next it’s going up your tight little asshole.”

She tried to shake her head and talk around the plug. “No! I’de neber—”

“Shhh. Don’t talk with your mouth full.”

After pulling the plug free, I laid a restraining hand on her lower back. “Push out your hips.”

I ran the rounded tip of the plug between her cheeks.

She clenched.

Shifting my hand from her back, I spanked her several times. “Do. Not. Clench.”

She sniffed. “Please, I don’t want you to stick anything in my ass.”

I leaned over her and nipped at her earlobe before whispering, “How does it feel to want?”

Before she could react, I pressed the tip of the butt plug against her puckered hole.

She shifted her hips forward.

“Do you want another spanking?”


“Then push your hips out and don’t clench.”

Watching as the delicate skin around her hole resisted, I pushed harder until the plug finally slipped past her tight muscle ring.

“Ow! Ow! Ow! No! Take it out.”

I tapped the circular, fake-diamond handle of the plug before giving it a twist.

The movement caused her to rise up on her toes, pushing her ass higher in the air. She protested even louder. “Please! It’s too full. It hurts.”

I chuckled. “This is just your trial plug. Wait until I force you to accept the inflatable one.”

A tremor wracked her body.

I reached onto the bed and picked up another toy. “Now turn around and get on your knees.”

She obeyed but not without a wince as she tried to move with the intrusion deep inside her ass.

“Take off your hoodie.”

I was pleased to see she didn’t have a bra on. I held up the spider gag. “Now be a good girl and open your mouth nice and wide.”

A tear slid over her cheek before she licked her lips and then opened her mouth.

I gingerly placed the metal prongs into her mouth, prying her lips open, before buckling it behind her neck. Taking a step back, I slowly lowered my zipper and pulled out my already erect cock.

Her eyes widened.

I grasped her chin. “You’re going to suck my cock like a good little whore, or I’m going to get my belt and make you wish you had. Understood?”